Monday, 7 October 2013

Lovely Inspiration: Pretty in Pink

Aminta, pink, outfit, suit
Aminta in a hot pink suit and a crop top
Fashion Hayley, Pink Look, Candy Clutch, Flower Crown
Fashion Hayley wearing a pink tulle dress, jelly sandals and a candy clutch
Cupcake Clothes, PInk Look, PInk Outfit, Pastell, Cute dresses
Elena (My name is Peggy Sue) and Georgina (Cupcake Clothes) in pretty pink dresses
Hey Dickface, Patel Outift, Pastel PInk, Pink Look
Katia (Hey Dickface) all in pink, including a chic hat
Intrinsically Florrie, kawaii, Lolita Look, Pastel Lolita
Cute Lolita style from Intrinsically Florrie

Pink is not just a colour, pink is a way of life! Cute but sexy, playful yet feminine, pink is full of emotions. The pastel shades are very tender and perfect for girly looks, whereas it's stronger tones work well for vibrant looks. Pink takes it's name from a flower of the same name and depending on how you combine it, pink can be innocent or seductive.

I am very excited to share a few of my favourite pink looks from the most amazing blogger girls with you. I love how different the looks are, every one of these girls is very inspiring and has her very own approach to the colour pink.

Other pretty things in pink:
- Flamingos
- Cherry Blossoms
- Marshmallows
- I Dream of Jeannie
- Pink Cadillacs
- Barbie
- Strawberry Milkshakes
- The Pink Panther
- Rose Quartz

How do you like these looks and which one is your favourite?

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  1. Aw thanks so much for featuring me in such an amazing selection of outfits- what wonderful inspiration!

    Pink really is the very best colour.

    Florrie x

    1. The pleasure is mine, dear Florrie, I love your cute looks so very much. Lots of love, xxx

  2. Gorgeous pinks!! It is a colour I have grown to enjoy now that I am older and more girly. All of these girls look amazing...really wonderful. I hope you have a gorgeous week my sweet and I hope one day we will meet too with Sacramento for a cup of tea :)))) <3 xxx

    1. I want a cup of tea too!! With you sweer lady, Rosy, Sacramento, Sara, Merypopland......... Funny!!! Kissss

    2. Ohh, Yay!! Please, a tea party with all stunning Ladies!!

    3. Yes, yes! A tea party. And all of us should wear Rosy's dresses, what a dream! Love you all my sweet darlings <3<3<3

  3. Dear thank you so much! This post is very very pink and i love my pink world. You are a lovely lady. Thanks again and kisssssss from Madrid!

    1. You are the personification of pink my dear Elena, it's my pleasure to include one of your wonderful looks <3 Kisses

  4. so cute :) I love Florrie's style and she's such a lovely person too

    1. I agree :-D All of them are lovely people, just like you as well <3

  5. What a lovely post,dear Sara. Some of my favourite bloggers in pink.

    1. Thank you dear Sacramento, I love to share my favourites and I am happy to be able to :-D xxx

  6. All these Ladies are so innocent, seductive and stunning Pink Ladies! Love all of them, thank you so much dear Sarah for inspiration! Kisses.

  7. A lovely post.its good.