Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tropical Paradise

tropical print, parrot print, tatty devine, eyelash sunglasses
Who says that the tropical paradise is closed till next summer?
Tatty Devine, Dazzle & Jolt, Tropical green, Topshop Rain Coat
I just take a coat and let the fun continue.
pink nails, resin jewellery, Serena Kuhl, Made in Australia
Colour is my weapon against gray weather.
Tatty Devine, Tropical Print, Parrot tshirt, Juju Shoes, Dazzle and Jolt
If there is a little bit of sun, I am happy to put aside the rain jacket.
tropical print, graphic shirt, dazzle and jolt, made in britain
It would be a shame to hide the parrot print more than absolutely needed.
tropical outfit, jelly shoes, californian look, dazzle & jolt
Do you feel the spirit of the jungle?
Tatty Devine, Neon Green Rain Jacket, Pastel hair with bow, graphic tee
I almost hear the sound of the palm trees rustling in the wind.
jelly shoes, juju, pink plastic sandals, frilled socks with sandals
Let's dance to the sound of the jungle and keep warm!

How to not get moody while it get's colder from day to day? I admit it's hard, but wearing colours and tropical prints is the best antidote. Adding fun to your outfits helps to keep the summer spirit in your heart!

My new T-Shirt from Dazzle & Jolt is perfect for my mission to keep summery. When it arrived, it was instant love. The adorable parrot print in the very bright colours won over my heart and I love the casual fit. I was a little bit afraid it might not look well, like long T-Shirts sometimes do on a curvy girl like me, but there was no reason to worry at all. Since I love parrots this will be among my favourites from now on.

To be prepared for quickly changing weather, the neon green rain coat is my first choice. Plastic jackets have always been among my favourites and I wish I had one in every bright colour. Because this outfit is rather casual, I wear a multi coloured sequin skirt for a touch of glitter. Something shiny never hurts!

Dressed like this I suddenly feel like dancing, no matter if there is rain or sun.What are your secrets to keep yourself in a summer mood and how do you like this outfit?

My Outfit: 
T-Shirt: Dazzle & Jolt, Rain Coat: Topshop (sold out),
Skirt: Asos (not recent), Shoes: Juju, Socks: Topshop (sold out),
Sunglasses: Tatty Devine, Bangle and Pink Ring: Serena Kuhl 
Blue Ring: Bijou Brigitte (not available online), Bow: H&M

Thanks a lot to Dazzle & Jolt for the T-Shirt.


  1. Gorgeous raincoat, love the colour!! You look radiant doll :)) Bright and keeps the mood up when we wear brights in the fall and winter, we can pretend to be in the sunshine and forget the grey days! I hope you have a gorgeous week my doll xx

    1. Thank you very much <3 Wearing colorful things is indeed good for the soul in fall and winter. I try my best to forget about the grey days. Have a perfect week too, xxx

  2. Always magical, my dear Sara.
    I need a pair of glasses like yours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. These glasses would be so perfect for you my dear, please get them :-D many kisses

  3. Those glasses are EPIC!!! I need them in my life.
    I think I'd wear them even when it's not sunny : )

    1. Hahaha, definitely :-D I also wear them when it's not really sunny, my very sensitive eyes are a good excuse ;-)

  4. ahhhhh those sunglasses are just so cool :)

    1. :-D Thank you, I am so happy to have them. Every piece of Tatty Devine is a true treasure to me. xxx

  5. Love your antidote to combat the cold! Bright, fun colors make magic on gray days, dear Sarah. Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Thank you dear Rosy, I think you will even like my next outfit more :-D It's more vintage inspired and I am already curious to hear your opinion about it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too.

  6. Totally loving your entire outfit! Adding you on blog lovin!

    X. Pixelhzard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. Thank you very much <3 I am always excited to have a lovely new follower <3 xxx

  7. Du hast ja einen außergewöhnlichen und farbenfrohen Stil! :D
    Finde ich richtig geil - so total anders und schubladensprengend!

    Werde mich hier mal so richtig umschauen. :)

    1. Vielen Dank, du hast richtig erkannt: Ich mag keine Schubladen ;-) Ganz liebe Grüsse