Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lovely Label: Yiddish Chutzpah A/W 13

yiddish chutzpah, punk, girly, fashion
One day the time for a girl has come to grow up.
yiddish chutzpah, punk, silver dress, velvet dress
She dives from candy land into a more darker world.
yiddish chutzpah, pink jumper with print, coat with bow
Still a little bit girly, but as well edgy.
yiddish chutzpah, punk, cute print, girly fashion
Soft and hard, punk and cute meet each other.

Let me tell you about the new collection of Yiddish Chutzpah, one of my absolutely favourite labels from Spain. Every collection from Yiddish Chutzpah is like a journey into a new undiscovered wonderland. Whereas earlier collections were very sweet and girly, the A/W 13 collection called "Broken Dolls" is more dark and edgy.

The Yiddish Chutzpah girl used to live in a world full of sweets and candy. Now she grows up and discovers her sassy and rebellious side, while she gets rid of her dolls. She dives into the world of punk, but doesn't loose all of her sweet innocence. The new collection is a mix of the different sides of the Yiddish Chutzpah girl as well as a mix of materials: The predominant colour is black, mixed with white and silver to celebrate the age of punk.

A lot of labels reinterpret their own work and ideas collection after collection and always stick to their main ideas. Yiddish Chutzpah isn't one of those labels: This collection is a radical change and completely different from anything before. It's a new horizon, a completely different Yiddish Chutzpah and I need my piece of it for sure. It's exciting to see the reinvention of a label and it awakes a lot of excitement to see how the journey of Yiddish Chutzpah will continue.

What do you think about this collection and which piece is your favourite?

Shop the "Broken Dolls" collection here and like Yiddish Chutzpah on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Yiddish Chutzpah. Photographer: Balles (, Model: Laura Parra Arias, 
Makeup: Carmen Navarro


  1. Well, you know I love this label. It's still oh so wonderful. I like when new directions are taken and a company doesn't stick with just one look or idea. It still has the girly sweetness, just mixed with a rock n' roll type edge. I want it all I am afraid ;-) I love this coat with the big bow ribbons, this is a delight to my dainty heart <3 I want it all!! To wear the checkerboard like dress but with the polka dot tights, haha :)) Oh so dreamy, like a grown up Alice in Wonderland..marvellous!! Happy Thursday my beauty Xxxx

    1. The coat would be perfect for you my dear, I can imagine your shooting while just looking at it. Have a happy weekend my love <3 xxx

  2. So lovely clothes! Love your style :)

    Greetings Jacky

  3. such a pretty collection, thanks for sharing with us hun ^^

    1. Thank you very much, I just couldn't keep it a secret ;-)