Sunday, 22 December 2013

No Caged Birds

Collectif Clothing, Mariella, Florence, Pastel PInk
Cages without birds.
Collectif Clothing, Velvet Skirt, 50s Style, Pastel PInk Outfit
Instead a lot of pink roses and cherry blossoms.
pastel pink hair, jazzafine, fascinator, roses, feathers
No true vintage look without fascinator, do you agree?
Pink petticoat, collect if clothing, pastel pink outfit, velvet skirt with roses
Petticoats are made for dancing!
Collectif clothing, pastel pink hair, pink fascinator, vintage
So proud that I managed to match the shade of pink from my top, hair and fascinator this well.
collectif clothing, knitwear, mariella, pastel pink top
Japanese cherry blossoms and pretty cages: Isn't this romantic?
jelly shoes, juju shoes, chelsea boots, glitter
Wearing glitter boots, that's how I roll.

Birds in cages dream of flying high, high on the sky. Freedom is a precious thing for those who lack it. Seeing animals imprisoned in zoos always causes a little bit of sadness in me, despite the joy of being able to see tigers, lions and elephants, without traveling to places far away and going to a safari. Therefore I am happy, that they are pretty bird cages on my top, but just beautiful cherry blossoms instead of imprisoned animals. The sweet illustration on my top makes me think of an Asian fairy tale, just like Disney's Mulan. I'll never stop being a Disney girl for sure.

I am back to pink hair as you can see. Feeling like a bird myself again, Sara the flamingo. And lucky me is a free bird as well. Free to wear whatever I want, free to have fun and enjoy myself.

This is one of my genuine vintage looks again. I know a few of you would love more of my fifties looks. I wasn't very much into the mood for this kind of style lately, but a visit to Collectif Clothing changed everything instantly. I couldn't leave without this skirt and top. Especially the velvet skirt caught my eyes immediately. It's amazing: Like no other shop, Collectif seems to have discovered the secret of how to make girls feels like ladies, just with a piece of clothing.

Add a little bit of glitter – just like I do with my shoes – and every gray day will have a happy end. How do you like this pink look my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Top & Skirt: Collectif Clothing, Fascinator: Jazzafine
Shoes: Juju at Schuh, Tights: H&M, Rings: A Gift

Thanks to Jazzafine for the lovely fascinator.


  1. Hello my sweet!! Well, I adore this look :) The skirt is perfection along with this cardigan :))) You are the queen of flamingos :)))) I love it very much and I love to see your pink hair back too!! Collectif is such a fabulous shop. I have some things from them waiting for me under the tree (I had to pick, so the sizes were right) and I will get some more most likely in the sales, haha!! I always hold off purchasing lots before the sales. So, I will treat myself. This skirt is a favourite, I love florals. You look a dream doll :) I hope you have a magical evening!! <3 xxx

    1. I am so glad you are the first to comment, because I know how much you love Collectif, just like me :-) Lucky you, having things from them under your tree as well! I am curious to see what you will get. Have a wonderful evening too, <3<3<3<3<3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you dear Xamy and have a lovely Christmas, xxx

  3. I love your outfit, I have the same patterns of your skirt in the collectif dress, its awesome, you look great, and i adore your top. Thanks Sara ! Merry Christmas btw ;) xxx

    1. Ohhhh the dress is pretty too. I must see you wearing it. Collectif just makes so awesome things. Merry Christmas too, lovely lady <3

  4. such a cute outfit hun, love the shoes ^^

    1. Thank you darling girl <3 I bought them on my last trip to London. Love, xxx

  5. Aloha Sara,
    das Outfit ist einfach wunderschön!
    Den Rock kannte ich noch gar nicht und bin schwer begeistert.
    Weißt du zufällig, ob es ihn noch gibt?
    Wünsche dir ein wunderbares und ruhiges Weihnachtsfest und alles Liebe
    deine Jen

    1. Lieben dank dir, süße Jen <3 Den Rock gibt es noch: Es gibt glaube ich im gleichen Stoff auch noch ein Kleidchen. Wünsche dir wunderschöne Weihnachten. Many, many kisses, xxxxxxx

  6. perfect! perfect! perfect! love it all! xx

    1. Comments like this makes my day, thank you so much <3

  7. Du hast ja einen tollen Blog, das freut mich aber sehr gerade zufällig darüber gestolpert zu sein (-: Der Rock mit dem Petticoat sieht so großartig aus!

    1. Dann freue ich mich ebenso, dass du den Weg zu meinem Blog gefunden hast :-) Lieben Dank für das Kompliment und süsse Grüsse <3

  8. Oh you might find some Girlfriend coat really alike in some vintage shops, even if its not Tara dont worry ! And if you like it, go Ahead its so classy ;)

    Happy New Year you too Miss !
    Lots of Love.

    1. I just bought myself another pink coat, yes :-) It's different than the girlfriend coat, but I like it nonetheless. I am happy to see this fabulous coat on you. :-) Wishing you a happy New Year as well. Lots of Love, xxx

  9. Sooooooooooooooo fabulous, my dear Sara. Pure poetry in action.
    Love and sunshine in 2014.

  10. what a lovely look!!!! pink perfection;) this birdcage cardigan is the cutes i´ve seen!
    wish you all the best for 2014!!
    love, mary