Thursday, 9 January 2014

10 Lovely Things & 5 Personal Fashion Goals

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Teapot Necklace – Handbag with Bow – Rainbow Choker – Planet Ring
Fur Handbag – Pineapple Earrings – Pink Dress
Pink Shoes – Turquoise Dress – Metallic High Heels

I am suffering from a very severe shopping fever at the moment. Whenever I think I have the perfect outfit ready, despite my full wardrobe there is something like the icing on the cake. This makes me browse for particular ties of bags, shoes and dresses all the time. Here I show you ten random things I fell in love with on my endless journey through the online shops.

Very soon my blog is gonna turn two years old. Because of this, I am thinking about my goals for it in the future and as well how I think my personal style might evolve in the future. This are my five personal fashion goals I have at the moment:

5 Personal Fashion Goals

1. Leaving the Safe Harbour
I want to try more unusual materials, shapes and colour combinations. Time for more experiments! I don't want to stay the same, it's always time for reinvention and change.

2. No More Bad Outfit Days
Especially when I work a lot for my daytime job, I don't care as much as I wish about my outfit. On this days I don't feel like myself and I want to have as less of these days as possible.

3. Going Out With My Treasures More Often
The prettiest things I have I don't wear very often or not at all, because I couldn't stand them getting damaged. But seriously: Is there really a point in having an exhibition just for myself on my shoe shelf? From now on, I want to show off my beauties!

1. Less Opaque Tights
I constantly feel cold and this is why I wear almost always opaque tights. I own them in all the colours you can imagine, but why not wearing more cheeky sheer tights? I think my boyfriend will approve…

5. Mission: Everyday Handbag
I believe there is nothing more difficult to buy, than a proper everyday handbag. At the moment I have to be ashamed of mine and this has to change! Help welcome.


  1. I FULLY support #3!!

    New follower *hearts*
    The Working Girl's Shoe Closet

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels like this! You always look fantastic though :3
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK

  3. Hello my dear!! I think these are perfect goals for the new year!! I'm still to do mine. I love all these fashion wishes as well, I think I've become crazy for that blue dress :))) Amazing. I think it's great to want to evolve and do differently and more. You know already that this is my thinking for myself too. I have cleared a MASS of dark clothes out of my closet, I was surprised by how many dark and dreary clothes I had. But, it's nice to see the space and what I have now. And I will continue to experiment and try different things now. I need to wear things on any day and not just say I'll wear it on a special day, it can make the ordinary days more special by wearing them :) Less opaque tights is a goal of mine as well, I never really go out without tights that cover up my legs even in summer, haha. So, my husband will be happy for that too ;-) I could do with a handbag that I can use every day and that looks nice and big enough. I hope we will find one!! I think these are perfect & we are going to have a marvellous year doll, I know it :))) We will shine like never before!! Have a gorgeous week my sweet <3 xxx

    1. That dress would be perfect for you, such a shame it's a little bit pricey, especially which all the sales tempting at the moment… I think I should do a wardrobe cleaning as well, just like you. There are always strange things hidden in the corners ;-) Maybe I wouldn't have as many dark clothes as you, but I am sure there are some old relicts from a world I don't want to go back to ;-) And let's not forget about the handbag. Shall we make a contest who finds the perfect handbag first? ;-) Loved to read your comment. Lots of love, xxx

  4. that dress is beyond cute ^^ lovely fashion goals :)