Friday, 31 January 2014

Dazzle & Jolt: Winter Wonders Collection

unicorn tshirt, all over print, dazzle & jolt
dazzle and jolt, cat jumper, colourful cat jumper, cat illustration
fox tshirt, owl jumper, dazzle and jolt

This is something I waited for very long: The Winter Wonders Collection from Dazzle & Jolt. Their last collection Geometric Jungle caused a crush on animal prints, now the exciting British label comes back with new amazing prints and goes one step further on their mission to colour the world.

The Winter Wonders Collection takes us to a mystical forest and its residents, such as cunning foxes, wise owls and divine unicorns. The prints look like from a very colourful, comic version of a Tolkien book. Especially the unicorn seems to run right through the forest of Lothlorien.

The illustrations have a nearly kaleidoscopic effect, as a consumption of the geometric prints they designed before. For the first time their work displays all-over prints, which makes the pieces even more exciting. The whole collection is designed and printed in the UK.

The label Dazzle & Jolt was founded by the two friends Zara Saleem and Jessica Holt in a North London flat with a fat cat named Jarvis. It seems just right that finally the feline co-founder becomes the star of its very own iconic jumper. Definitely a must have!

Which one is your favourite design?

Visit Dazzle & Jolt here and join their Facebook page.


  1. this collection is so fun ^^ love the kitty

  2. Isn't this collection so fun!?! I need to get one of the old collection before it goes, still trying to decide which one though. But, I was so so happy when I saw this one on Instagram and they had a unicorn <3 So excited...must get that one soon too :)) They definitely need more fans, cause their awesome. I think I will do a post sometime as well, so even more people will see. Because they are fab girls!! I love the most that they put Jarvis on a top, so sweet!! Happy evening to you doll <3 xx

  3. I want it all! Its so magical :) xx