Saturday, 25 January 2014

Goodnight Moon

Lovely moon, I am in a dreamy mood.
That's why I'm dressed in pastels from head to toe.
Check: Frills, glitter, cuteness, fluffiness. Yes, we have it all.
An opalescent moon looking at an iridescent star on my ears.
Doesn't my glitter clutch look like a galaxy painted in white?
Feeling comfortably wrapped in a purple world.
Lilac lips again: Still my favourite lipstick.
A girl's dream came true: I finally have my own unicorn.

Are you moonstruck? Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by the moon. As a child I used to sit outside in the night, staring at the sky and asking myself if there really is a man living on the moon. The moon's craters still seem to look like a smiling face looking down to earth to me from time to time.

Today, I am wearing the moon on my ears and a unicorn around my neck. What else can a girl ask for? Yes one more thing: A piece of Meadham Kirchhoff. The blouse I'm wearing is my loot from their Topshop collection and it's already among my wardrobe highlights. I'm a big fan of Meadham Kirchhoff . Their uncompromising world full of pastels, colourful fur and cute girlishness, looks just like the happiest thing on earth to me. Fashion from somewhere over the rainbow to please all Dorothies close and far from Emerald City.

When I created this look I immediately knew this is something I would wear again and again. I think it's 100% me. I can't decide if it's the moon spell or the unicorn magic that makes me feel so good today…

What do you think about this look my lovelies, a little bit enchanted?

My Outfit: 
Blouse: Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop, Skirt: Lazy Oaf (sold out),
Hat: Swiss Local Store, Scarf: Vintage, Necklace & Earrings: Tatty Devine,
Rings: Serena Kuhl, Tights: Claire's, Socks: Lazy Oaf,
Shoes: Melissa, Clutch: H&M (not recent)


  1. Die Ohrringe und die Kette sind ja fantastisch, so herrlich positiv kitschig<3
    Einfach zuckrig, wie eine kuschlige Puderquaste.
    Ich glaube wirklich, das ich mal in der Schweiz vorbei schneien muss;-)
    alles Liebe und dir noch ein wunderbares Wochenende=)

  2. ahhhhh the shirt is so cute ^^ i'm super tempted by it now haha i bought the dress that's similar :)

  3. Lazy oaf, meadham and a unicorn all in one post!!! Couldn't be more perfect! You look so wonderful xx

  4. Oh you're lovely in pastel Colors.mim a Moon addict too, even thinking about getting a Moon tattoo so ...
    I really enjoyed this post :)
    I love your tights, didnt know that Claires does hosiery too,
    Tha way you put your hair is awesome for this outfit.
    Have a lovely sunday tomorrow, dear.

  5. I am drooling over every single item of your attire, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You kill me with joy and inspiration, dear Sara.

  6. Oh my gosh you look so magical. This is my fave outfit you've had so far. That unicorn necklace is super rad and the colours as so pretty.

  7. You look magical indeed my sweet!! I love the top and the unicorn, amazing!! A purple dream my dear, gorgeous!! Xxxx

  8. gorgeous look!
    love the unicorn!

  9. looking lovely as always. You inspire me to try the pastel colours - I tend to wear black too much :)
    Hugs x

  10. The lilac pastel purple is just so pretty. Gorgeous lipstick sweets. Who doesn't love Unicorns? I know I do.

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Modern Beauty & Skincare

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