Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jazzafine: My Funny Valentine Collection

fascinator, berries, purple pillbox
fascinator, valentines day, jazzafine
fascinator with berries, valentines day headwear, jazzafine
fascinator, red rose, pillbox, valentines day
fascinator, hat, veil, berries

Valentine's Day, the day of the lovers. Every year a sweet and romantic occasion and certainly a day to make little surprises and dress up. To make this already special day even more unique, it has a second meaning to me as well: Valentine's Day was the beginning of an eternal love story of my life. My love for hats and fascinators started on a 14th of February.

Already quite a while ago, I discovered a giant cherry fascinator from Pearls & Swine. It was love at first sight and I told my darling, that I wish to have this fascinator for Valentine's Day. I never expected it to come true, but it did. With this piece of headwear I lost my hearts not just to the man again, but as well to headwear.

Because of this romantic story, making a post about headwear for Valentine's Day is one of the occasions I anticipate very much. This year it's my pleasure to introduce you to the Valentine's Day collection of Jazzafine: Fascinators as sweet as candy, all in the colour of love or sweet shades of pink and purple. They are ready to bedazzle your beloved one. Wear cupcakes, go for berries or grace your head with roses, Jazzafine is the perfect choice for all of them. And I am pretty sure your prince charming will love the look so much, you will wear it not just for Valentine's Day.

Secretly, I am already planing my look for the day of love and it will definitely include one of those coquettish fascinators. If I can ever decide which one…

What are you gonna wear on Valentine's Day and which one of those adorable fascinators wins your heart?

Discover Jazzafine's whole My Funny Valentine collection here

All pictures used with friendly permission of Jazzafine. Photographer: Elisaveta Schadrin-Esse (www.vintagerolloffilm.com


  1. Well, these had my heart instantly!! How beautiful!! Perfect to wear on the day of love, but to also make every day a day of love too :)) Enchanting and wonderful. I can hardly choose a favourite, but I say these two at the bottom are very close :))) So amazing my dear, I love them. And I can't wait to see you in yours, you'll be the best Valentine ever!! xxxx

    1. Thank you so much my dear <3 I hardly can't what for Valentine's Day now. I am already tempted to get myself another one of those beauties… They are just too sweet to choose. You should have one too for your Valentine's Day outfit, you would look so beautiful in them. I can see you dancing with your man while wearing it. Lots of love, xxxx

  2. Good enough to eat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Is it veritable fruits here ? Cause it seems so real ! Exactly What I love !

    Have a Nice Valentine s day in advance Sara !

    1. They are edible, but they look wonderful I can assure you :-) One of those beauties is next to me on my table now. Have a lovely Valentine's Day too dearest ;-) xxx

  4. so pretty ^^ i can totally see you wearing these :)

  5. Dear Sara, I've just come across your blog through Kizzy's, and I'm totally in love with your creative style! I'm not used to wearing head fascinators, but I love to see them on girls who pull them off confidently, like you most certainly do. Happy to be your new follower!!!
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