Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lovely Label: Kanokkorrn Lamlert Jewellery

kanokkorn lamlert, jewellery, perspex
kanokkorn lamlert, earrings, jewellery
kanokkorn lamlert, jewellery, perspex

While thinking about delicate jewellery, perspex is certainly not the material mentioned first. But Kanokkorn Lamlert, a Bangkok (Thailand) based artist and jewellery designer proves the opposite. Unlike most acrylic accessories, her work shows an extraordinary love for details and a graceful daintiness. All her jewellery is extremely refined and hand made.

The pieces of jewellery resemble opulent candelabrums and the diamond shaped pieces make the heart of a girl beat as much as real diamonds. There are versions of the earrings that even glow in the dark for perfect party looks. Because perspex is a very light material, despite their big size, you can wear them for dancing all night.

When Jane Russell sang the song "Diamond's are a girls best friend" she probably didn't think of perspex diamonds, but from now on we certainly will…

You can buy Kanokkorn's jwellery at Guruwan or email her directly at

Please follow this amazing designer on Facebook as well to keep an eye on her further work.

Credits: All pictures belong to Kanokkorn Lamlert. Picture 1 & 2: Photographer : Greek Sarakorn, Art Director : Thantawat Jittaksa, Model : Suttinee Lamlert, Make up artist : Sirichan Rochanarat


  1. I love it so :)) It's fantastic and the fact that it glows in the dark makes it even more wonderful to me :))) I can see us wearing these and going for dinner and dancing and watching our glowing earrings light up the room :)) I like that she thought to take a material like perspex and create an 'every day' useful fashion accessory out of it!! Love Love xx Have a lovely evening my sweet!

  2. wow, these pieces are so pretty ^^

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