Monday, 24 February 2014

The Toy World of Anne-Sophie Cochevelou

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What is more exciting than fashion? Just one thing: When fashion meets art! Today I want to take you with me to the odd and bizarre world of Anne-Sophie Cochevelou. This woman crosses these borders with an extraordinary virtuosity and is not afraid to experiment at all.

Anne-Sophie is a young designer of fashion costume and jewellery from Paris. She graduated at Central Saint Martins London with a MA in Performance Practice and Design. Her work is full of various cultural references. It's not about trends at all, but a mixture of fashion and performance art.

The toys of her childhood are Anne-Sophie's biggest inspiration and especially dolls are omnipresent in her work. She says that since she is too old to play with them, she discovered to wear them as a piece of art and wear them out. Anne-Sophie is a master of creating the most extraordinary looks from found, used and unwanted materials. Dresses don't need to be made out of fabric in Anne-Sophies creative world, but everything can be worn.

When I found Anne-Sophie's blog, I immediately felt a strong connection between her and me, even if what I wear is so much more commercial than her work. Is her work fashion or anti-fashion? I don't care, it's wonderful in it's colourful vibrancy and it makes me dream. Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, Sara is in Love with you and hopes to see in a doll dress on the streets of London one day!

Please visit Anne-Sophie Cochevelou's blog and shop her jewellery here.

All pictures belong to Anne-Sophie Cochevelou. Photographers: Pic 2: Taka YoshiKen, Pic 3-4: Simona Zemaityte, 
Pic 6: Constance Doyle


  1. Well, I want to go and play in her world!! She's marvellous :)))) Goodness, I barely know which of her dresses I love the most, but I am quite in love with this last one!! Wonderful...I love her!! Super my darling girl...I am off to check her pages out...hope you are having a lovely start to the week :) xxx

    Thank you very much for sharing.

  3. I didn't know her until now and what a great discovery ! :)

  4. OMG!!! Das ist das perfekteste, was ich diesen Monat gesehen habe.
    Ich liebe alles an der Kollektion. So genial. Ich finde gerade gar keine Worte^^
    Und es ist noch nicht mal so teuer, wie ich dachte.. man man man.. da werde ich demnächst mal etwas bestellen. Danke fürs zeigen. : D

    Süße Grüße

  5. i LOVE this, amazing ^^ thanks for sharing

  6. This is incredible!!! I love it so much. I'm imagining wearing some of these pieces to the office - wouldn't it be funny?

  7. Amazing costumes! Love you blog!