Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lovely Label: Laurel & Hector

laurel and hector, banana trousers, banana print, banana head piece
laurel and hector, 60s mod dress
laurel and hector, 60s inspired fashion, carmen miranda
laurel and hector, clueless fashion, melissa shoes

I discovered a label I just have to share with you: Let me tell you about the exciting Australian brand Laurel & Hector, which is named after the grandparents of their designer mastermind Kee Kee. Laurel & Hector says about themselves that they make fashion for hot babes in bright lipstick looking for unconventional and high quality outfits. This sounds just like the perfect thing for you and me, right?

The latest Laurel & Hector collection called "Lip Service" comes with a big bash of Sixties chic, juicy fruits for Carmen Miranda fans and Clueless inspired looks in bright plaid. Everything is colourful and bold, especially yellow pieces rock their collection. If you need another reason for this fab fashion: See  on the last picture how well their clothes fit to the best shoes in the universe, our beloved Melissa shoes.

I am absolutely in love with their banana items. No big surprise as you already know about my addiction for fruits in fashion. The pop art style banana headband is just the cutest accessory to complete the crazy fruity look. Totally cool, totally bananas!

Visit Laurel & Hector here and like them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Laurel & Hector.


  1. Oh wie wundervoll. Ich liebe diese Bilder aber auch die Klamotten, wobei ich die Schuhe viel viel toller finde. Nur leider kann man die nicht kaufen. Hm wäre mal eine Idee ein paar Schuhe mit Kunstobst zu behängen : D Ich mag das Modelabel. Ist auch schon geliket : ) Du findest immer so tolle Labels <3
    Süße Grüße
    Alison / Kuchenkind

  2. ohmygosh i LOVE the 60's vibe ^^ the over-the-knee socks are so cute and i love the whole third outfit

  3. You always bring me more than joy. You always bring a wold of magic away from the beige land of zara.
    Thank you, my dear Sara.

  4. I love them....I follow them on instagram and it's always wonderful. I wish I could have all of their things, haha. I love the pink dress & now I need some fruit shoes as well...amazing!! I hope you have a great evening my sweet Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Super cool! :) Ich kann mich an diesen Bildern gar nicht satt sehen. ;)
    Der einzige Wermutstropfen ist, dass diese Models alle soooo krasse Figuren haben. :/ Jetzt fühle ich mich auch ein bisschen schuldig.
    Aber trotzdem bin ich gut drauf, denn allein die Farben und die Ausstrahlung der Bilder ist genial.


  6. sehr nette kleider, mir persönlich dürften die sachen etwas länger sein. so kurz trage ich in meinem hohen alter nicht mehr ... ;)

  7. I am flabbergasted! And also ashamed I haven't heard of this label before :x Such refreshingly groovy clothes with a cool retro vibe - it's like the neon version of Mad Men! Bright and vibrant^^

  8. LOOOOOOVE!!!! That last picture has my name written all over it!!

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Modern Beauty & Skincare