Friday, 4 April 2014

Lovely Label & Interview: Typical Freaks

typical freaks, tropical prints, printed sweater
typical freaks, fashion, printed
typical freaks, tomato print, crop top, kawaii
crop jumper, typical freaks, neon pink

On my never-ending search for new and unique brands, I found something I am absolutely sure you will love: Typical Freaks is a London based street wear brand, designing fun pieces for individual people. A few days ago they released their new collection with a lot of stunning fruit and tropical prints, inspired by childhood "coloring in" books and nostalgic B-movies.

Sonia Xiao and Seun Ade-Onojobi are the creative designers behind the fashion-forward brand. In the following interview they will tell you a little bit more about their inspiration and work and what Knickerbocker Glory has to do with their work.

Interview with Typical Freaks

Please tell me something about your label: Who are you and how did you come together?We studied together on BA Fashion and begun customizing footwear as a hobby and to make extra money during our studies. As we both studied fashion (at London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins), we decided to eventually begin making clothes last year.

Your new collection just came out, featuring cute fruit prints and bold jungle patterns. What inspired you to your designs?
This collection was inspired by a lot of references from our childhood, particularly TV and colouring in books. Bright print and individuality always play a big role in the design process so we tried to incorporate hand made processes which would make each piece unique wherever possible.

You are a very international label based in London with Asian and African roots as well. How do you think the different cultures influence your work?
I think traditional textiles and fashion in Asia and West Africa are known for the liveliness and vibrancy, so it would be a shame not implement that kind of essence in our work. London itself is such a cosmopolitan place that we can always find inspiration in our other cultures right here.

Your work displays a lot of bold colours and rich patterns. How important are those elements for your work?
When we begun working together we would always wear really bright clashing prints. It was during early days of Nu Rave, before the term was even really being used and we would often be called freaks and that is how we came up with the brand name. Now we still want to represent these people in society who wish to stand out and challenge other peoples preconceptions about what should be worn.

How would you describe the girl that wears your fashion?She is young, sometimes young at heart and full of inner confidence. From day one we wanted to create some semblance of couture or high fashion techniques and process, at a price which young, creative people could afford and cherish forever. Our clothes are not for everyone, but we want the limitation to be a different taste as opposed to a different bank account.

Which famous person – dead or alive – do you think catches the spirit of your fashion the most?
Hayzee Fantayzee or MIA

Last but not least: If your fashion would be a meal, what would it be?
Knickerbocker Glory

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  1. This gets me excited! Their clothes look amazing! Great post lovely :) xx

  2. Oh god! This is all beautiful! That pink cropped sweater. Can't even.


  3. These are gorgeous!! The second and third sets are my favourites, so cool :)) I wonder if they have strawberries, am going to look on the site :))) Have a great day doll xx