Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Toothpaste On My Face & A Gathering Of Unicorns

dazzle & jolt, le specs, craig & karl, serena kuhl
Toothpaste glasses meets unicorn tee.
craig & karl for le specs, hi brow, i am your present
Miami-stlye reflections on my glasses and loads of kawaii accessories.
dazzle and jolt, unicorn t-shirt, lazy oaf pizza skirt, star earrings
The wind plays with the manes of the unicorns and with my hair.
unicorn tshirt, dazzle & jolt, barbie outfit, craig & karl
Look what a colour bash I can hide beneath my white plastic coat.
Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, Barbie necklace, barbie jewellery
I don't think you can fit more cute details in a single necklace than this Barbie necklace does.
Long tees can be figure-accenturating: Just wear them beneath a high-waisted skirt.
kling plastic coat, white plastic coat, craig & karl for le specs
What a fake nurse I am: I don't even try to hide my colourful accessories.
melissa shoes, hi brow, craig and karl for le specs, shoes with bow
Plastic is fantastic! That's why I wear it from head to toe.

"Pardon miss, you do have toothpaste in your face." "Oh really? Lucky me!" This conversation didn't happen yet, but I am just waiting for it to come up since i got my new comical sunglasses from artist duo Craig & Karl. I love their illustrations and as well their collection of sunnies for Le Specs. I just see no point in buying ordinary sunglasses, but I crave for the weird, the eye-catching, the head-turning. The ordinary just bores me and makes me tired. Susie Bubble has been spotted wearing another model from the Craig & Karl collection and I am sure she would agree with me.

I recently came to love including white in my outfits. I think with my plastic coat I look a little like a not serious nurse from a trash movie. I even have to think about Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill wearing her white trench coat. She is just genius and I love her in that role. No, I am not whistling that particularly song, I bet you know which one… Instead of a stethoscope and injections, I'm bringing you cute Barbie accessories. I bet you prefer this to nasty needles.

There is a lovely story behind my tee as well: From now on I can proudly declare that the last unicorn is mine. Ok, to be honest it was the second last one, but that's just a detail. When Jessica – my friend and designer of Dazzle & Jolt – told me that they almost sold all of them, I was faster than any horse in gallop and had to get it. I can resist many things, but I am certainly helpless against unicorns and flamingos. They are just invading my life with more success than any alien mission could ever have. Welcome strangers, fill my life with pink feathers and sparkles!

How do you like this look and what animal can you not resist?

My Outfit: 
Coat: Kling, T-Shirt: Dazzle & Jolt, Skirt: Lazy Oaf AW12,
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa at Zalando, Socks: Topshop,
Sunglasses: Le Specs, Necklace: Anne-Sophie Cochevelou,
Earrings: I'm Your Present, Blue Ring: Serena Kuhl,
Pink Heart Ring: Rachel's Wonders

Thanks a lot to Zalando for the shoes and to Serena Kuhl for the ring.


  1. Aloha Sara:-),
    die Brille und die Schuhe sind ja fantastisch, gefallen mir sehr gut.
    Bei euch scheints warm zu sein, kannst du mir bitte ein paar Sonnenstrahlen rüberschicken?

  2. Marvellous outfit doll, love the accessories :) Super top as well :) Hope your week is going grand Xx

  3. die Sonnenbrille ist sooo cool
    woher hast du die?! ich habe vor aluter Aufregung nicht gefunden woher die ist und ich BRAUCHE die ich habe selten was soooo cooles gesehen,
    sara du bist einfach so inspirierend!

    alles Liebe Amely Rose von:

    1. Oh liebe Amely, ich freue mich so über so viel Aufregung :-D Hier nochmals der Link zur Brille, falls du mittlerweile nicht doch schon fündig geworden bist: Ganz liebe Grüsse und süssen Dank für das tolle Kompliment <3 Kieses

  4. Ah those sunglasses are absolutely amazing! I'm loving the unicorns too :)