Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lovely Label: Joanna Pybus SS14

Joanna Pybus, SS14, Multicolored fur, fake fur jacket
Joanna Pybus, Monster Clutch, SS14, Ice Cream Print
Joanna Pybus, Monster Clutch, SS14, Ice Cream Print
Joanna Pybus, Monster Clutch, SS14, Ice Cream Print

British designer Joanna Pybus is back and she brings ice cream with her, loads of ice cream. Joanna's SS14 collection is all in pastel sorbet colours, simple but flattering shapes and and she continues her tradition to make at least one new print for every collection. This season's called the "Ice Cream Time"print.

Joanna's work is fashion made to cause happiness! She recently said in an interview, that her aim is to make fashion that speaks to the people on a personal level and I think that's just what she achieves. Her creations are a fresh and quirky breeze in a gray world and if you own a piece you want to treasure it like a beloved pet.

Joanna continues her iconic range of furry monster clutches as well and added a few new styles, especially eye-catching among them the rainbow coloured one called Aurora (picture no. 3). If you are looking for something unique, you should have a look straight away at Joanna's page and get something all handmade by this amazing woman.

What are you waiting for, it's time to go to the ice parlour!
Visit Joanna Pybus here and don't forget to like her page on Facebook.

Copyrights of all pictures by Joanna Pybus. Photographer: Helen Kirkbright, Model: Lucinda Sinclair, Hair: Jolanda Coetzer, Makeup: Thom Walker


  1. So, I need the fluffy coat and the bag and the coat at the bottom on the left, soooo cool :))) I love it so, marvellous glam look :)) Super cool. It's happiness, If I had this coat, I wouldn't be able to stop stroking myself, haha....soooo fluffyyyyyy!! xx

  2. super cute stuff ,though i think it's a bit too warm for fur ><
    looks like something Audrey Kitching would wear.

  3. your blog is just awesome *-* i love the color-full outfits!
    xoxo from http://mylifeisntalwaysawesome.blogspot.co.at

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