Monday, 30 June 2014

Blue Sky and A Playful Wind

Lindy Bop, Blue dress with pink dots, Tatty Devine gem stone earrings
Retro dress with sweet pink polka dots and statement accessories.
lindy bop dress, pink candy clutch, vivienne westwood melissa
The wind is in a playful mood today, just like me.
tatty devine, goddess hands bracelet, pink candy clutch
Goddess hands jewellery from Tatty Devine: My finds from their last lucky dip & sample sale.
Maison Margiela candy clutch, Tatty Devine gem stone earrrings, lindy bop dress
The candy clutch: I'll never get tired of this handbag. It's just too awesome.
Tatty Devine, Goddess hands, bracelet
I love reflections, all in blue and pink.
printed gems, statement earrings, tatty devine
A treasure from the Tatty Devine swap store: Massive printed gemstone earrings.
Tatty Devine, gem stone earrings, printed earrings
The biggest gems you've ever seen. Fit for a perspex queen.
Marilyn Monroe look, Tatty Devine, Vivienne Westwood Melissa
A little tribute to Marilyn – I didn't even need to look for a ventilation shaft.
Maison Margiela, candy clutch, lindy bop dress
Hugging and treasuring my oversized pink candy.
Marylin Monroe look, vintage dress, rockabilly fashion
Sending you my kisses and hope you like my blue and pink vintage look.

An easy to wear look, perfect for visiting possible parents-in-law or for other occasions you want to look like your true self (or at least appear like this is what you are): A very, very sweet and good girl. Because I love style mix, I added non-vintage-style eye-catching statement accessories like my huge Tatty Devine gemstone earrings and the iconic Maison Martin Margiela candy clutch.

I bought this dress while showing a lovely friend some 50s stores in the city. She asked me for help when she was invited to a rockabilly theme party. I promised myself to just accompany her as a consultant. Of course it didn't work and we ended up buying this dress both of us. I am just so very bad in resisting a pretty dress…

The wind was my good friend during the shooting, it understood my vintage look and helped me to create a true Marilyn Monroe mood with whirling skirt. Sometimes this little unplanned things are just the final touch to a look.

How do you like this look my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Lindy Bop, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, Jewellery: Tatty Devine,
Clutch: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, Socks: Topshop

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Arty & Colourful

Pop Art Fashion, Frida Kahlo Socks, Tatty Devine Frida
Frida Kahlo SocksFrida Kahlo Necklace
Picasso SkirtPop Art Marilyn TopEye High Heels
Lip Print Shoes Comic Bubbles Hand Bag

Art loves fashion and fashion loves art back! Among all the art movements, especially pop art is a never-ending inspiration for fashion. Repeating symbols in flashy colours, comic inspired prints and Warhol's Marilyn are fashion evergreens. Wearing them makes you instantly feel like a pop art heroine.

A little bit of art in your outfit never hurts and is perfect for a stroll through your favourite galleries or just for everyday. There is nothing such as a wrong time to turn yourself into a walking piece of art!

Pop art is not really your thing? Go for Mexican surrealism then with Frida Kahlo! Her face has already been printed on thousands of T-shirts and decorates the necks of the coolest ladies. But the best Frida-themed thing I've ever seen are clearly the socks above: Definitely a must have for admirers of this fabulous woman and a must have for an arty look!

How do you like those arty fashion pieces and which one is your favourite?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Weird Girl From Next Door

lazy oaf, barbie look, kawaii looks
The weird one: It's even written on my chest today.
lazy oaf weird, heart shaped glasses, kawaii blogger style
Having fun: A playful outfit puts me instantly into a cheerful mood.
heart shaped glasses, flower crown, barbie hand earrrings
Reflections: Clouds in my heart shaped glasses, yay!
lazy oaf, pizza skirt, garfield collection
Pizza anyone? Isn't this the cutest zipper ever?
anne sophie cochevelou, barbie hand earrings, quirky earrings
Helping hands: Cute Barbie earrings.
lazy oaf ss14, barbie logo type tshirt, kawaii look
Style Rule: Always match your outfit to the prettiest graffiti in town. Why not?
lazy oaf weird, kawaii streetstyle, heartshapedglasses
Kawaii: Posing like a Japanese girl and the purple fellow behind me.
barbie type, lazy oaf ss14, weird tshirt
Weird Barbie: Crazy for this cute crop top from Lazy Oaf.
lazy oaf ss14, barbie inspired look, kawaii street style
Sweet high school: The knee-high tights makes the look even more girly.
chunky sandals, platform sandals, river island shoes
Chunky sandals: Just buy the highest you can find. Did I succeed?

I've been back for almost a month and still feeling the after-London-blues so much. I just wanna run to the airport in my highest heels and board the first plane to my beloved island. How could I leave the place where all the fun is happening? Missing the creativity, the open-mindedness and excitement.

With this shooting, I tried to capture a little bit of London-spirit: I was looking for the hugest graffitis I could find, reminding me a little bit of my favourite places in east London. Besides, nearly everything I wear comes from the UK. Especially for Lazy Oaf, the brand of my crop top and skirt, my love is never-ending. Sometimes I suspect their designer Gemma must be a secret spy in my fashion dreams, making one after one coming true.

If you were a green alien with blinking antennas on your head you wouldn't attract more attention than going out dressed like this over here. Not all the feedback is positive, but guess what: I don't care. I agree with them  – Yes I am weird, so what's the point? It's even written on my chest in Barbie-style letters, no big news. Why is being weird something negative, can't you just see it as the opposite of being ordinary and boring? Next London flight already booked. Say hello to new inspiration for how to be weird and awesome!

What do you think about this look and do you have outfits that help you over bag things like homesickness?

My Outfit: 
Crop Top: Lazy Oaf, Skirt: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: River Island, Flowercrown: Selfmade, Earrings: Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, Bag: H&M, Socks: A Gift, Glasses: Aldo,
Ring: Rachel's Wonders

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lovely Shop: Marta in Zurich

Marta Zurich, NinaBee, Claudia Nabholz, Things by Jolla
Marta: Not just a store, but a cosy place with a lot to discover.
Marta shop Zurich, NinaBee, Things by Jolla, Claudia Nabholz
Fashion, jewellery, illustration, accessories (and they listen to good music)
NinaBee, earrings, swallows with hearts
Sparkling earrings from NinaBee
Marta Zurich, Claudia Nabholz, things by Jolla, NinaBee
Clothes by Claudia Nabholz, Illustration from Things by JOLLA
Things by Jolla, ice cream illustrations, ice cream art
Amazing ice cream illustrations by Things by Jolla: The best thing this summer for sure!
NinaBee, handmade earrings, Marta Zurich
Enchanted by the big selection of pretty earrings
Marta Zurich, Tattly, temporary tattoos
You will also find a lot of pretty little things like this temporary tattoos
Marta Zurich, Shopping in Zurich, Claudia Nabholz
Part of the area for men on the right side with a lovely rocking chair
Things by Jolla, Marta Zurich, art from switzerland
Perfect decoration for your home: Framed black and white illustrations

Shopping in Zurich: Boring you think? If you follow the main shopping mile you must have the impression that this city is just home of big major chains and no creative shops. But there is hope: You just have to search a little bit and you will find hidden gems. Such as Marta, a shop that opened recently and is already one of my favourite places in this city. It's not just a shop, it's a place that unites fashion, home decor, art and accessories, a place run by three creative women.

Jewellery designer NinaBee, illustrator Andrea Raemy (Things by JOLLA) and fashion designer Claudia Nabholz made their dream come true, when they opened their store together. If you enter the place, you are always greeted in a very warm way and you can really feel the passion and love of this three women for what they do.

Every piece they sell is either made by them or very carefully selected. Huge hand drawn illustrations on the walls and golden tree branches used as cloth hangers are part of the decoration of the shop and make you feel like you are in an enchanted forest. In this lovely atmosphere, it's a pleasure to shop for jewellery, pretty silk shirts, the newest summer dresses and unusual things for your home. You will leave Marta with a smile on your face, new inspiration in your heart and happily come back.

Visit Marta's page here and follow them on Facebook.
Address: Marta, Martastrasse 114, 8003 Zurich, Switzerland

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Sea of Flowers

Miss Lovett, Flower dress, big pink bow
A pink flower affair is the look of the day.
pink hair bow, Anne Sophie Cochevelou, Barbie necklace
Wearing the biggest bow you can find is part of the look.
Miss Lovett, Vintage flower dress, celia
Dancing in the garden, round and round…
Anne Sophie Cochevelou, Barbie necklace, velvet choker
Barbie laughs with me and enjoys the good weather as well.
i love crafty, flamingo ring, pink flamingo accessory
Pink and purple: My favourite colours.
miss lovett, pink hair bow, kawaii doll outfit
Flowers, flowers, flowers: The biggest joy in summer.
flamingo ring, i love crafty, flamingo accessory
No perfect look without a flamingo, do you agree?
chunky sandals, pink, topshop
Chunky sandals and cute socks: My choice for this summer.

A sea of flowers and me in the middle. Today's look is an overload of everything sweet. For one day, I leave the edginess at home and dress up like nothing bad could ever happen in my pink Barbie world. You could say that the outfit is an union of all childhood dreams you can think of in one single look. Girl, never leave the house without your cute socks and always wear the biggest bow you can find! Didn't mommy tell you this when you were young? Mine didn't, but it's never too late to learn… ;-)

Every spring and summer floral fantasy is back in fashion and it never ceases to amaze. There is nothing as feminine as a blooming affair from head to toe. The dress I am wearing is from the Miss Lovett SS14 collection. It's very easy to wear, comfortable and I love the material and pattern mix. Like everything I own from Miss Lovett, it just fits me perfectly.

During the shooting, a cyclist mistook me for a doll and nearly fell from his bike when I moved. No sir, I'm no plastic, but your shocked face expression to learn so was truly fantastic!

What do you think about this summer look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Miss Lovett, Bow Headband: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop,
Necklace: Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, Flamingo Ring: I Love Crafty,
Diamond Ring: A Gift from a friend, Socks: Primark

Thanks a lot to Miss Lovett for the dress.

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Jean Paul Gaultier, Virgin Mary, Barbican
Virgin Mary inspired headdress (2007)
Jean Paul Gaultier, mermaid dress, mermaid collection
A look from the Mermaid Collection (2008)
Jean Paul Gaultier, Ze Parisienne, Sailor Stripes
Sailor Stripes from the Ze Parisienne Collection (2002)
Jean Paul Gaultier, Dita von Teese, Corset
Full body stockings worn by Dita von Teese
Jean Paul Gaultier, denim corset, silk denim
A gown made of silk to look like denim from the Ze Parisienne Collection (2002)
Jean Paul Gaultier, Punk, British Punk
British Punk inspired dress
Jean Paul Gaultier, The Fifth Element, Ruby Rhod
Leopard suit worn by Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod in the movie "The Fifth Element" (1997)
Jean Paul Gaultier, Hommage a l'Afrique, wedding dress, face
Dresses from the Hommage à l'Afrique Collection (2005)
Jean Paul Gaultier, Black Swan Collection, Ribbon Dress
Ribbon Dress from the Black Swan Collection (2011)
Jean Paul Gaultier, Cone Bra, Madonna, Corset, Blonde Ambition
Cone bra and corsets worn by Madonna during her Blonde Ambition tour (1990)

Let me tell you about a highlight of the year: The first major exhibition about French avant-garde fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican Gallery in London. Debuting in Montreal in 2011, the exhibition has already been seen by more than a million people on it's tour and stops now in London till 25th August 2014, featuring a breathtaking amount of more than 140 fashion masterpieces. 

Not only the presented garments are outstanding, but the way they are shown as well: If you enter the exhibition, you are greeted by a talking mannequin of Gaultier himself with his charming French accent. You will be amazed by how alive fashion seems, worn by animated mannequins, talking, winking and even flirting with the visitors.

Gaultier was born 1952 in the suburbs of Paris (France) and never received a formal training as a designer. He started to sketch at an early age and became one of the most imaginative designers, shaping the world of fashion during the last 40 years. The enfant terrible of French fashion is fascinated by the idea of transgender dressing, upcycling and world coutures. You will find his trademark corsets in the exhibition as well as maritime designs featuring mermaids and sailors, punks and madonnas, just to name a few of the milestones in the work of the witty designer.

Unlike many other designers, Gaultier managed to connect his fashion with pop culture, movies and show business. Iconic costumes for film and performance – such as the leopard costume worn by Chris Tucker in Luc Besson's "The Fifth Element", the conical bra and corsets from Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour or the black overall showcased by Grace Jones  – are part of the exhibition.

Gaultier is known for having unconventional models and muses. Neither his clothes, nor the people inspiring him are conventional. Full-figured or tattooed models has been part of many of his shows just like the play with traditional gender roles. Gaultier was as well the one who promoted the use of skirts for men. His work is controversial and never without unexpected twists, dipping from multifarious sources of inspiration. Visiting the exhibition gives you a glance into Gaultier's magnificent, bubbling imagination, definitely a must see!

My suggestion for a perfect day:
Visit the exhibition on a morning and plan enough time. Head to Camden afterwards, to feel connected with Gaultier at a place that inspires him and he always comes back to.

For more information, visit the Barbican's page.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

10 Lovely Things & 5 Fashion Don'ts I Turned Into Do's

wish list, summer fashion, ice cream fashion
Donut Sunglasses  –  Pompom Umbrella  –  Rubber Bangle
Ice Cream Jumper  – Pattern Mix Dress  – Pineapple Socks 
Flamingo Clutch  – Ice Cream Heels  – Cat Heels  – Sheer Socks

Time for another wish list! I haven't posted one for quite a while and my current one smells of summer: Bold colours, pastels, cute prints and a wild mix of patterns is all i need for my fashion summer dream.

Recently, I thought a lot about how my style changed during the last years. I realized that I used to restrict myself. A lot of fashion no-go's were holding me back from experimenting, till I learned that most dont's are actually do's (if they happen on purpose and with a concept). Today I show you a collection of five don'ts that turned into do's. Hopefully they make you grin.

Do you actually think that there is something as a fashion don't and did you also change your mind about something in fashion?

5 Fashion Don'ts I Turned Into Do's

1. Wearing socks with sandals is the biggest fashion crime ever
Followers of my blog must have noticed: I am obsessed with cute socks and love to show them in my summer shoes. As a child it was all different and I was embarrassed by my dad wearing grandma's knitted socks together with sandals fit for a desert expedition. Sorry daddy: This is still a no go, but girls rock cute socks in their sandals and heels.

2. The easiest way to detect blind people on the street: Pattern Mix
Either you wear dots, stripes, parsley or flower patterns, but never two or even more of them together. I believed in this for a very long time until I discovered (a little bit thanks to Susie Bubble) to mix is actually the biggest challenge and creates the most thrilling looks.

3. There is no reason to wear sneakers outside the gym (unless you are Sporty Spice)
Sporty shoes are for sporty people and I'm the probably most unfit person in the world. The trend of Normcore might be responsible that suddenly I don't think so anymore. I am very much interested to clash elegant and sporty, casual and overdressed. Therefore I think I need sneakers for my quirky looks!

4. Crop tops are fine, unless you are older than 16
The time of age restrictions in fashion is coming to an end. Thanks to forward people like Madonna changes are happening. People start to wear what makes them feel good, no matter their age. Are you already in your end 20s, 30s or 40s and still look perfectly stylish showing your midriff in a crop top? Just go for it!

5. Your handbag should always match your shoes
This is the most terrible delusion often read in magazines. It means that you can't wear the most extraordinary bags out there, because you will never find matching shoes. I believe a good styling is like a piece of music: All the components come together as a mixture between harmony and tension. You can match your shoes with your jewellery, your hair colour with your handbag or have one piece sticking out as an eye-catcher. Just play!