Sunday, 1 June 2014

10 Lovely Things & 5 Fashion Don'ts I Turned Into Do's

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Donut Sunglasses  –  Pompom Umbrella  –  Rubber Bangle
Ice Cream Jumper  – Pattern Mix Dress  – Pineapple Socks 
Flamingo Clutch  – Ice Cream Heels  – Cat Heels  – Sheer Socks

Time for another wish list! I haven't posted one for quite a while and my current one smells of summer: Bold colours, pastels, cute prints and a wild mix of patterns is all i need for my fashion summer dream.

Recently, I thought a lot about how my style changed during the last years. I realized that I used to restrict myself. A lot of fashion no-go's were holding me back from experimenting, till I learned that most dont's are actually do's (if they happen on purpose and with a concept). Today I show you a collection of five don'ts that turned into do's. Hopefully they make you grin.

Do you actually think that there is something as a fashion don't and did you also change your mind about something in fashion?

5 Fashion Don'ts I Turned Into Do's

1. Wearing socks with sandals is the biggest fashion crime ever
Followers of my blog must have noticed: I am obsessed with cute socks and love to show them in my summer shoes. As a child it was all different and I was embarrassed by my dad wearing grandma's knitted socks together with sandals fit for a desert expedition. Sorry daddy: This is still a no go, but girls rock cute socks in their sandals and heels.

2. The easiest way to detect blind people on the street: Pattern Mix
Either you wear dots, stripes, parsley or flower patterns, but never two or even more of them together. I believed in this for a very long time until I discovered (a little bit thanks to Susie Bubble) to mix is actually the biggest challenge and creates the most thrilling looks.

3. There is no reason to wear sneakers outside the gym (unless you are Sporty Spice)
Sporty shoes are for sporty people and I'm the probably most unfit person in the world. The trend of Normcore might be responsible that suddenly I don't think so anymore. I am very much interested to clash elegant and sporty, casual and overdressed. Therefore I think I need sneakers for my quirky looks!

4. Crop tops are fine, unless you are older than 16
The time of age restrictions in fashion is coming to an end. Thanks to forward people like Madonna changes are happening. People start to wear what makes them feel good, no matter their age. Are you already in your end 20s, 30s or 40s and still look perfectly stylish showing your midriff in a crop top? Just go for it!

5. Your handbag should always match your shoes
This is the most terrible delusion often read in magazines. It means that you can't wear the most extraordinary bags out there, because you will never find matching shoes. I believe a good styling is like a piece of music: All the components come together as a mixture between harmony and tension. You can match your shoes with your jewellery, your hair colour with your handbag or have one piece sticking out as an eye-catcher. Just play!


  1. I want it all, haha!! This perfection, I love it, I love it!! Right on form for me :))) I think socks with cute sandals is darling, I have been buying sweet ones to wear with my jelly shoes and other sandals for the hot weather already. Plus, your feet won't hurt as fast like when you don't wear them. Pattern mixing is grand too, I like stripes with dots or florals, all is good. Crops are fun and if you wear them well, it looks chic and funky!! My handbag doesn't match my shoes ever, haha. Unless someone wants to make me unicorn shoes or jump from paper shoes or whatever else bag I use, hahaha!! Now that would be wonderful, jump from paper shoes :)))) hahaha!! Sometimes you can have a mellow outfit or something that is a little plain on and bags can add so much quirkiness to it or you can be head to toe quirky, the possibilites are endless!! Haha! I love this list <3

  2. I must try more to mix prints!

  3. I do 1 and 2 so often I forget that they're frowned upon!

  4. sandals + socks can be the worst or the best combo, really. it all depends on what sandals are... croc-like sandals are, for me, a turn off. i do love t-strap sandals though!

  5. the donuts glasses is just genius! give me more inspiration xxx

  6. Yes to the not matching your handbag to your shoes! So outdated. x x