Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lovely Shop: Marta in Zurich

Marta Zurich, NinaBee, Claudia Nabholz, Things by Jolla
Marta: Not just a store, but a cosy place with a lot to discover.
Marta shop Zurich, NinaBee, Things by Jolla, Claudia Nabholz
Fashion, jewellery, illustration, accessories (and they listen to good music)
NinaBee, earrings, swallows with hearts
Sparkling earrings from NinaBee
Marta Zurich, Claudia Nabholz, things by Jolla, NinaBee
Clothes by Claudia Nabholz, Illustration from Things by JOLLA
Things by Jolla, ice cream illustrations, ice cream art
Amazing ice cream illustrations by Things by Jolla: The best thing this summer for sure!
NinaBee, handmade earrings, Marta Zurich
Enchanted by the big selection of pretty earrings
Marta Zurich, Tattly, temporary tattoos
You will also find a lot of pretty little things like this temporary tattoos
Marta Zurich, Shopping in Zurich, Claudia Nabholz
Part of the area for men on the right side with a lovely rocking chair
Things by Jolla, Marta Zurich, art from switzerland
Perfect decoration for your home: Framed black and white illustrations

Shopping in Zurich: Boring you think? If you follow the main shopping mile you must have the impression that this city is just home of big major chains and no creative shops. But there is hope: You just have to search a little bit and you will find hidden gems. Such as Marta, a shop that opened recently and is already one of my favourite places in this city. It's not just a shop, it's a place that unites fashion, home decor, art and accessories, a place run by three creative women.

Jewellery designer NinaBee, illustrator Andrea Raemy (Things by JOLLA) and fashion designer Claudia Nabholz made their dream come true, when they opened their store together. If you enter the place, you are always greeted in a very warm way and you can really feel the passion and love of this three women for what they do.

Every piece they sell is either made by them or very carefully selected. Huge hand drawn illustrations on the walls and golden tree branches used as cloth hangers are part of the decoration of the shop and make you feel like you are in an enchanted forest. In this lovely atmosphere, it's a pleasure to shop for jewellery, pretty silk shirts, the newest summer dresses and unusual things for your home. You will leave Marta with a smile on your face, new inspiration in your heart and happily come back.

Visit Marta's page here and follow them on Facebook.
Address: Marta, Martastrasse 114, 8003 Zurich, Switzerland


  1. This looks like a really sweet shop, I quite enjoy their accessories!! What a lovely atmosphere :)) x

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