Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Weird Girl From Next Door

lazy oaf, barbie look, kawaii looks
The weird one: It's even written on my chest today.
lazy oaf weird, heart shaped glasses, kawaii blogger style
Having fun: A playful outfit puts me instantly into a cheerful mood.
heart shaped glasses, flower crown, barbie hand earrrings
Reflections: Clouds in my heart shaped glasses, yay!
lazy oaf, pizza skirt, garfield collection
Pizza anyone? Isn't this the cutest zipper ever?
anne sophie cochevelou, barbie hand earrings, quirky earrings
Helping hands: Cute Barbie earrings.
lazy oaf ss14, barbie logo type tshirt, kawaii look
Style Rule: Always match your outfit to the prettiest graffiti in town. Why not?
lazy oaf weird, kawaii streetstyle, heartshapedglasses
Kawaii: Posing like a Japanese girl and the purple fellow behind me.
barbie type, lazy oaf ss14, weird tshirt
Weird Barbie: Crazy for this cute crop top from Lazy Oaf.
lazy oaf ss14, barbie inspired look, kawaii street style
Sweet high school: The knee-high tights makes the look even more girly.
chunky sandals, platform sandals, river island shoes
Chunky sandals: Just buy the highest you can find. Did I succeed?

I've been back for almost a month and still feeling the after-London-blues so much. I just wanna run to the airport in my highest heels and board the first plane to my beloved island. How could I leave the place where all the fun is happening? Missing the creativity, the open-mindedness and excitement.

With this shooting, I tried to capture a little bit of London-spirit: I was looking for the hugest graffitis I could find, reminding me a little bit of my favourite places in east London. Besides, nearly everything I wear comes from the UK. Especially for Lazy Oaf, the brand of my crop top and skirt, my love is never-ending. Sometimes I suspect their designer Gemma must be a secret spy in my fashion dreams, making one after one coming true.

If you were a green alien with blinking antennas on your head you wouldn't attract more attention than going out dressed like this over here. Not all the feedback is positive, but guess what: I don't care. I agree with them  – Yes I am weird, so what's the point? It's even written on my chest in Barbie-style letters, no big news. Why is being weird something negative, can't you just see it as the opposite of being ordinary and boring? Next London flight already booked. Say hello to new inspiration for how to be weird and awesome!

What do you think about this look and do you have outfits that help you over bag things like homesickness?

My Outfit: 
Crop Top: Lazy Oaf, Skirt: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: River Island, Flowercrown: Selfmade, Earrings: Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, Bag: H&M, Socks: A Gift, Glasses: Aldo,
Ring: Rachel's Wonders


  1. so ein stimmiger look und das shirt ist super!!!! ♥


  2. this is so perfect! Keep it up lovely :) xx

  3. Well....I'm a weird girl, you're a weird girl....all is grand!! I loooooooove the weird girl from next door - she is awesome!! Such a great look :)) Xxx

  4. Such a great outfit, and that graffiti looks so good against the skirt!! XX

  5. You so right... I even have booked one Day marathon haha to do Paris/London in 8 hours... All by meself!
    It'll be fun.
    Im so considèred as weird here so I adores your TEE shirt and With the Barbie typo... So you ! Haha
    Shoes and bag... Awesome ;)

    Love From Paris,


  6. OMG?!!!PIZZA ZIPPER! I want it too!ヽ( °◇°)ノヽ( °◇°)ノ
    The bag is really cute~~~~(ღ˘◡˘ღ) ♫(ღ˘◡˘ღ) ♫
    I really love your styles! New follower of ur blog~~(ღ˘◡˘ღ) ♫

    *:・゚✧Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!*:・゚✧

  7. Ich liebe liebe das Outfit. Alles ist stimmig und passend. Ich liebe das T-Shirt hatte es schon im Shop gesehen und damit geliebäugelt. Auch die Ohrringe und die Schuhe gefallen mir. Hach du hast es mal wieder geschafft, dass ich deinen Style noch ein wenig mehr liebe (wenn das überhaupt noch geht^^').

  8. so playful! so perfect! love the 'weird' tee!

  9. Great outfit! I love colours!

  10. Dieses Outfit ist der wahnsinn! Ich liebe es!

  11. ER MY GAD, yes yes yesyessyes, such a good ensem!!!


  12. love, love, love!! Wäre genau MEIN DING!! :D thihihi