Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy Birthday I Love Crafty

I Love Crafty, donut necklace, kawaii jewellery
I Love Crafty, mermaid necklace, shell necklace
I love crafty, flamingo necklace, neon pink flamingo
I love crafty, tropical necklace, parrot
cat lady brooch, i love crafty, cat lady

With this post, I wanna say happy birthday to one of my favourite jewellery labels: It's already five years since Laura Hunter started her quirky and unique label I Love Crafty. Since then her designs make girls all over the world dream of mermaid necklaces, cat rings and tropical fruit earrings.

Laura's products are handmade with a lot of love by herself. From design to production, she gives a lot of attention to detail and wants to make her customers happy with her colourful acrylic jewellery. So all ladies out there with a passion for the extraordinary should hurry over and visit this shop. Your order will arrive lovely wrapped in pink and with glitter in the box, just like a pretty gift from fairyland. Compliments will be granted, whenever you wear your shiny treasure.

Interview with Dolls Eyes

Happy birthday to your label Laura! What would you wish for your birthday?
Thank you! I guess I'd have to keep my wish secret or it won't come true but as its you I'd wish for all my customers to love their ILC jewellery and feel amazing when wearing it!

What was the first piece of jewellery you ever made?
It was some necklaces I made for my sisters one Christmas. They had a gold tree with a white dove that could move up and down the chain as if it was flying, they gave me the idea to sell after that!

You just released a new donut themed collection. What are your next plans now?
Have a rest then on to the next collection! Heres a scoop, the next collection is called "Tropics twilight" and is based around my current Tropics collection with a night time twist! Fingers crossed it will be out this September! 

Which of your designs is your personal favourite piece?
Hmmm this question always stumps me! I like experimenting so making new collections is my favourite. I love to create!
What kind of a girl do you imagine to wear your jewellery?
Someone with a confident unique spirit, has a fun sense of humour and expresses her fabulous self with what she wears! Thats my kinda gal ;)

You can shop I Love Crafty here and please don't forget to visit them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by I Love Crafty.

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  1. This is a wonderful shop, a favourite. I love this new series, it's really wonderful, I was thinking I need to get something from it as it would go perfect with my icecream dress :) Perfect interview doll, I enjoy this :) xx