Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Oh My Lovely Kimono!

discount universe, kimono, hand painted
Handpainted Hahaha Duster kimono from Discount Universe: The best kimono in the universe I say!
kimono, ss2014, trend
Different kimonos for every occasion.
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This summer, you certainly can't be without a kimono! This lightweight piece of cloth between cape, robe and scarf is perfect for festivals, the beach or summer in the city. A kimono instantly adds a free-minded touch to your outfits and it's easy to wear. It's rather theatrical how the kimono swings with the wind when you walk, especially if you go for a tasseled version. Unlike a stiff blazer, the breezy kimono is a true relief when the temperature is going up, but you still want something over your shoulders.

It's available in a million of styles and lengths. Inspired by Japanese silk fabrics, a lot of kimonos come with delicate flower prints. Especially if they are in a rather boho style, they often come with tassels on the hem.

You can wear your kimono to nearly everything from hot pants to elegant dresses. I think it looks best with high heels. You may show a lot of your legs. Stevie Nicks already knew about the perfectness of kimonos in the 70s, today it's our turn to rock this piece of fashion!

Will you go for a kimono this summer lovelies?


  1. I love the 2nd one, it's so pretty

  2. These are beautiful...love the first one at the top as you know and I love the second one in the second box in the first row and the last one too as it reminds me of a bag I used to carry around with me as a child :)) Perfect list xx