Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dazzle & Jolt: The Greatest Show On Earth

dazzle and jolt, ss14, circus prints
dazzle and jolt, ss14, elephant t-shirt
dazzle and jolt, ss14, popcorn t-shirt
dazzle and jolt, ss14, lion print tshirt

Just when we started to wonder if there wouldn't be a new Dazzle & Jolt collection, they come back not just with a bang, but the greatest show on earth. The circus is in town and what a great one it is: Banging colours, roaring lions and all the popcorn you can imagine in your wildest dreams.

While they started with designing t-shirts, there is an exciting premiere happening: Now you can wear Dazzle & Jolt all over prints from head to toe. Their new mini skirt and leggings are just the eye-popping things missing in our lives!

Isabella Blow was known to order whole fashion collections, I consider starting the same, because I can't decide on a favourite. Dazzle & Jolt doesn't just do fabulous fashion, but the two girls behind the label are as well the sweetest things on earth you can imagine. I think we should hurry and empty their stock as fast as we can.

Come on, clear the ring, don't buy mainstream, Dazzle & Jolt is far, far cooler!

Shop the collection here and don't forget to like Dazzle & Jolt on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Dazzle & Jolt.


  1. Sara, you know I already love this only problem is deciding which to get first, they've made it terribly hard, haha!! Amazing designs <333 Indeed don't buy mainstream, buy Dazzle & Jolt!! xx

  2. Ah it's SO amazing! I agree how could you ever choose just ONE piece?!!! It's all incredible! XX

  3. Amazing outfits! I adore the popcorn outfit! I have just liked them on Facebook :)

  4. wow wow wow, all of these are perfect!!!