Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday Favourites

pink favorites, friday favorites, fashion
Pastel Kimono  –  Poodle Necklace  –  Gemstone Earrings
Rose Quartz Ring  – Heart Platform Shoes
Flamingo Lights  –  Turquoise & Pink Dress  – Pink Vivienne Westwood Bag
Pink Bow Shoes  – Pink Flower Kimono

I love Friday Favourites posts on other blogs and always wanted to do something like this for you as well. What kept me back was the fear that I could not manage to publish a post like this on a regular basis every Friday. But today I'm finally brave enough to try. I can't promise a post like this once a week, but maybe every second or third Friday if you like it.

Today I show you what I discovered while browsing the shops, in the future I might include pictures from blogs I love. I am still so lost in a sea of pink and cuteness. I can't imagine arising and leaving candy floss land. There is just no end to desiring more bows, more tassels and more hearts in my flamingo crazy heart. I just wish I could turn the sky pink for a day.

I hope your Friday is lovely, I'm enjoying a happy bank holiday, yay! :-D
Sending you lots of love.


  1. Yes Friday favourites now and again is great!! It's nice to see what bloggers like, I try and do it here and then, sometimes I forget - too many lovely things distracting my eyes & wallet *wink* I love these heart creepers, those are super cute!! On to look at the site, haha!! Have a great weekend doll and enjoy your bank holiday xx

  2. Such a good post! My fave items are the tie dye kimono and the viv bag.. They are beautiful!

  3. WAAHHH the kimonos!!! <333 you're so good at these kind of posts ^^

  4. Ohh so eine rosa Vivienne westwood tasche wäre schon toll :D und die pudelkette ist genial!


  5. so much cuteness and pastels!