Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I Just Don't Care

pastel pink look, lazy oaf flip out, shirt dress outfit
Easy & Comfy: A real I don't care look.
lazy oaf, bleach london rose, le specs hi brow
Pardon Me: What do you say? I think I can't hear you…
ghost brooch, clairey lou, lazy oaf flit out
Ghost Dreams: This little cutie isn't paying attention, but dreaming of cloud castles.
blogger streetstyle, lazy oaf, pink shirt dress
Moo Moo Girl: Free to breath, free to be whatever pops into her mind, free to eat chocolate.
collectif clothing, charm bracelet, flamingo charm
Flamingo Crush: I don't need to tell you…
Le Specs Hi Brow, Craig and Karl, Lazy Oaf
No Need To Read Comic Books: Just live them!
charm bracelet, flamingo charm, kawaii jewellery
Pink Lucky Charms: You can never have too many for sure.
lazy oaf flip out, hi brow, pastel hair
From Front to Back: You can turn it like you want, this girl is relaxed about her look.
pompom socks, chunky sandals, pastel pink platform sandals
Pompoms Forever: Even better if they are baby pink and worn with towering platforms.

I don't care if anybody thinks I'm wearing my pyjama out today. My blogger friend Jessica-Chelsey recently posted a shirt dress look too and said that she feels like Homer Simpson in his moo moo. I constantly think about this while wearing this look, laughing inside.

It's a relief to wear something with no need to suck in one's stomach. No reason to worry about the big piece of chocolate pie who is suddenly no longer on the plate but in your stomach (Argh: I am the big destroyer of chocolate, no matter if mousse, or bar, nothing is safe from me). Today's look screams out loud: I feel good, I'm comfy and I just don't care about whatever bad you might say about me.

I grew up in a very little village with more cows than residents and back at school there were nasty boys, shouting after me how ugly I am. There was a time when I listened to them and escaped to a world of fantasy books. I spent days dreaming of being a fair storybook princess, wondering why this wasn't me. For a while I was so embarrassed about myself, I dressed as to make myself as invisible as possible.

I am not born a pretty supermodel, and I can never turn into one like millions of other women. But it's ok, because this can't stop a girl with attitude: This is your armor, wear it proud and let it shine in the light like an impenetrable shield. The most beautiful woman is not essentially the most stylish woman and certainly not the most lovely one. Be whatever you are, just be the best one you can be!

Life is just too short to hide, so no invisible looks ever again.

My Outfit: 
Shirt: Lazy Oaf, Sunglasses: Craig & Karl x Le Specs, Brooch: Clairey Lou,
Bracelet: Collectif Clothing, Ring: Rachel's Wonders, Tights: H&M,
Shoes: River Island, Socks: Topshop

Thanks to Clairey Lou for the lovely ghost brooch.


  1. I love what you say!,"The most beautiful woman is not essentially the most stylish woman", yes, because I'm not a teenager but sometimes I love to dress as such and as an innocent girl, I think that shirt brings life to any set in black which is what I would do, and accessories, totally in love, I love your style! :)

  2. Oh gosh...this outfit is so cute~~
    I love the color combination!!^_^ it's too cute~~
    and the brooch...is so cute! I'm inspired to make one of those!:D
    Love the charms too<33

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  3. Oh myyyy
    Your hair is so perfect O_O and that shirt!! you look sooo good in all lazy oaf :DD

  4. I love heels and socks like you have styled them here! That shirt is beautiful, you have such a great style :)


  5. Haha! Excellent! Thank you for the mention darling, we can both be Homer Simpson together!!! I could not love this look on you any more than i do...it is perfect! I must have that shirt!!! Also, your hair looks beyond amazing! Great post lovely :) xx


  6. Haha...I am finally on my laptop and not my phone and I can see this post more clearly and I just discovered there is a ghost on your collar, hahaha!! I LOVE it so much, shame on my mobile phone not showing me such important details!! So adorable :)))))) Gonna look at that shop <3 But, as I said on fb, you look marvellous and we live life in colour - technicolour, unlike others who follow along to everyone else!! Beauty - shines from within and most don't have that, they have ugly hearts - we have beautiful weird hearts that tick to different beats!! And I'm so happy to know other dolls who live eccentric lives and create eclectic worlds and who doesn't want more room to eat more cake and sweets!?! Hahaha!! Marvellous my dear <33

  7. Oh yeah girl you got it !
    Thats right its comfy but so cool.
    You rule.


  8. I am sure your mother is proud of you WONDERFUL STYLE deep down; I know I would

  9. Far too cool to be invisible! I have so much admiration for your unique and beautiful style. Xx