Sunday, 24 August 2014

One Moment in Pastels

pastel kimono, tatty pastel embroidery, pastel look
Decisions: Why going for a single colour if I can have the whole rainbow?
house of trendella blogger, kimono look, pastel rainbow look
Candy From Head To Toe: A look with feathers and tassels.
tatty devine, mexican embroidery, pastel
Mexican Embroidery In Perspex: Detailed Statement Necklace from Tatty Devine.
jazzafine, pastel fascinator, mint fascinator
Tender Feathers: A fascinator from Jazzafine especially made to match this look.
tassel kimono, pastel kimono, pink chunky sandals
I Love My Shoes: Recently I can't get enough of those chunky sandals.
pastel kimono, rainbow kimono, house of trendella
Feeling Wonderful: Putting on a kimono instantly adds some drama to a look. I like.
jazzafne, fascinator, pastel
The Angel Lies In the Detail: Perfect combination of feathers, netting and flowers.
pastel look, rainbow kimono, mint dress
Dreamy Mood: Pastels are definitely good for my mood.

Probably the only moment in life when everything is blank is the second after birth. In this single instant, everything is open and possible. Later on, you start realizing that you have to make millions of decisions, every minute, every second. A lot of them are very simple ones – like where do you want to have lunch or if you prefer the cinema or the art museum.

Sometimes even those decisions have unexpected side effects: Taking the tube instead of the bus could lead into meeting an amazing person that will change your life. Who are you, who am I, but a mishmash of millions of decisions? Thinking about all this data you have to deal with, the human brain appears as a super computer, doesn't it?

People are born into a specific culture and with their very own unique skills. Knowing what we can't and can sometimes provide the feeling of just following the path of what was given to us. I say this is just one page of the story. You are your very own artist, constantly choosing colours and painting your life story.

Decisions close doors and open new ones. Don't underestimate them, not even the apparently simple ones. I choose to wear my pastel kimono today; this might change your opinion about me. Maybe you are here for the very first time, and your impression about me has been made according to this look. I believe that my day could have turned out differently with another outfit. Maybe not significant, but just a little.

I wonder what adventures the kimono will bring me today.
My decision of the day: I don't say no to any colour, but just wear them all.

My Outfit: 
Kimono: House of Trendella, Dress: H&M, Necklace: Tatty Devine,
Fascinator: Jazzafine, Watch: Swatch, Shoes: River Island, Socks: Topshop,
Ring: Selena Kuhl

Thanks to Jazzafine for the fascinator.


  1. So pretty! I love it all, especially the rainbow pastel shawl.

  2. You look amazing doll, love this look...pastel happiness...marvellous xx

  3. Wow!!! I don't know what I love the most... the rainbow colours, the make up, the tatty devine necklace, your attitude... Love it! And you're really lovely, thank you so much for answering me about the shell necklace and wishing good luck for me! You're really kind! :) By the way, I did my own version, maybe I'll share in my blog later (I've been out of here but I want to come back). I'll keep you in my eye! Thank you again and a kiss! *

  4. wow! Pastels really suit you. You look amazing!

  5. Just found your're my new favorite person in life ; )