Friday, 5 September 2014

Dreams Are No Soap Bubbles

kawaii look, Illustrated People, Harajuku dress
Let the soap bubbles fly through the air.
Illustrated People, Harajuku dress, pink hair collar
Hair and collar match: Perfect plan, isn't it?
Clara Chérie, Bleach pastel pink hair, Illustrated People
Bubblegum haired girls are happy to watch the rainbow coloured bubbles.
Pink Heart shaped glasses, Harajuku dress, Illustrated People
 No idea what is written there, I hope it's something as sweet as the pattern looks.
Illustrated People, Japanes print dress, pink hair accessory
Feeling very kawaii today, almost like a Harajuku girl.
Illustrated People, Harajuku girl dress, pink kawaii outfit
I could laugh the whole day, wearing one of my fashion dreams around my neck.
pink hair, hair collar, Illustrated People
Lesson learned: Not all dreams are just cloud castles.
Illustrated People, Clara Chérie, pastel pink hair
Is it because of the heart shaped glasses or why do I feel so pink today?
Ego & Greed, pink holographic platform shoes, winner shoes
Long legs for tiny girls: Platforms, please!

Cute, cuter, the cutest, my outfit! Oh yes, I try to fit as much Kawaii in my outfit as possible. Bubblegum pink is my colour therapy, candy floss my philosophy. A few years ago I tended to dress black or gray, whenever I had a difficult time. Nowadays I think that's completely the wrong thing: Colours (and especially pastel colours) are an astonishing antidote against dark moods. Don't underestimate the power of cuteness!

I especially love this outfit, because it contains many things that make me smile. Making soap bubbles during the shooting was just too much fun. I nearly emptied the whole bottle, because I couldn't stop anymore.  I didn't do this for ages and was fascinated by how wonderful the bubbles look in the light. Isn't it amazing how beautiful something as simple as soap bubbles can be?

Today's look includes the fulfillment of a dream: A while ago, I spotted this pink hair collar on a page. I didn't know who designed it or where to get it, but it was love at first sight and never left my mind. A few months later I was introduced to a lovely French girl called Clara Chérie and was so surprised to see it on her page again, among a lot of wonderful creations. I begged her that I needed to wear this, and here it is on my neck. Dreams don't burst like soap bubbles all the time, but sometimes they come true in Barbie land!

What are your fashion dreams come true my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Illustrated People, Pink Hair Collar: Clara Chérie (made to order),
Shoes: Ego & Greed, Sunglasses: River Island, Tights: Topshop, Socks: Topshop


  1. Gosh! That pink hair collar is the cutest thing!! ....I was your hair lol .... :3
    So kawaii and i really love your shoes ... the color! it's to kawa-i-i<33

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!!

  2. Hello my dear, I meant to comment on this when you posted it, as it was my birthday - perfect timing, but my Internet was up and down. But, I am here now..Woo!! I do love this look a lot, the collar is wonderful and adds that bit of quirk that I love. The colours and these shoes, I love them sooooo much!!! They are perfect. You look a dream my dear, love it so much, happiness. I hope you have a wonderful week to come xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Omg I love each of your outfits and this one is very cute!
    These shoes are so perfect!