Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fashion Twins

Going to the pony farm with Katia from Lazy Kat 
Loving fruit salad with Kate Gabrielle from Scathingly Brilliant
Feeling sporty vibes with Emma from My Life in Pink
Dreaming of unicorns with Kizzy from The Dainty Dolls House
Rainbow pastel gang with Katia from Lazy Kat
Chic in boucle with Kizzy from The Dainty Dolls House

Do you sometimes imagine how it would be to have a twin sister? According to Wikipedia, there are 9 to 16 twins per 1,000 births in Europe. My grand aunts were two of them and not only, but for a while even oldest twins alive at the age of 99.

I am a twin too, just not by birth: I have several fashion twin sisters. We don't share our genes, but our style and a love for certain fashion pieces. While everybody of us is craving for uniqueness, it's also a pleasure to discover amazing girls all over the world having a similar taste in common. There is nothing better than sharing the excitement about the newest finds together.

Here I present a few examples of bloggers I love, wearing the same as I do. I love to see how different one piece can be styled. All those girls inspire me and probably I do the same sometimes. I love you; gorgeous fashion sisters and I am proud to share some pieces of my wardrobe with you!

Do you have fashion twins too, lovelies and what do you think about these looks?

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  1. This was super cute :) I didn't expect to see myself because I forgot about these outfits, haha. The last dress, I actually wear with tights as you did because I like it better, haha. It's really fun seeing how each person styles their clothes, it show we can all like the same things, but we always wear them the way they expresses our individuality the best. It's wonderful, when we are ourselves, we can inspire others to be themselves and also try new things. You certainly inspire me in lots of ways, to be myself and to also not be so shy to express myself more in how I dress instead if hiding away :) You're a dear girl and I am very happy and honoured we are friends πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—