Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday Favourites

friday favourites, pink, fashion
Unicorn Ring  –  Platform Jelly Shoes  –  Butterfly Silk Scarf
Pink Fur Clutch  –  Metallic Lace Dress  –  Silver High Heels
Hands Bracelet  –  Clear Bubble Backpack
Pink Tassel Earrings  – Ouch Flamingo Plasters

Friday, yay! For this week's Friday Favourites I chose very dreamy things, because I think that's what we need. Dreaming of pink plastic hair, futuristic shoes, fluffy fur and a princess dress makes a girl forget about the hard work life, doesn't it?

I had a little bit a cold the whole week, and this is why I rather spent time at home browsing the net in the evenings, instead of going out. I think my favourites benefited from the extended online time… My plans for the weekend are to continue with making myself comfortable at home. Just me, my computer, a lot of tea and sleep. Probably I'll already look out for my next Friday Favourites, be prepared…

What are your plans for the weekend and how do you like my finds?


  1. Well, once again you know, that I will have all of these ;-) I love the dress and the unicorn ring and these shoes, so much love for!! Perfect list. I hope you feel better soon my darling girl, I too have had a cold all week, I didn't post today because I was too tired. It's finally leaving me, so I hope yours goes soon too. Take good care!! xxx

  2. I want everything!!! It's all so cute.. love the style!

  3. I saw that clutch in Topshop today, and I am in Love with it!! Those shoes are killer too. I adore UNIF but always worry about import charges :(

  4. All of these items are amazing! I especially love the pink metallic lace dress, and the giant holographic platform shoes. Oh and the pink fuzzy clutch, I think I need it!

  5. Those multi colour marble holographic shoes. Oh my god. I'd probably never wear them but I want them anyway haha.

    fishnetandfairytypes / beauty & style blog

  6. Hahaha amazing. so many cool things! Loving the backpack and the holographic boots :)
    Much love from

  7. Another post where I want everything !!! I think the first purchase will be the earrings as I can see myself wearing them loads x