Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lovely Label: Simone Devine

Simone Devine, resin jewellery, statement jewellery
Simone Devine, Made in Australia, Resin jewellery
Simone Devine, Handmade jewellery, resin jewellery
Simone Devine, Resin Jewellery, Made in Australia
Simone Devine, Resin Jewellery, Made in Australia

Simone Devine is the eclectic Sydney based label by the duo Simone and Scott. They create and handcraft modern resin jewellery and beautiful vases. Their geometric-shaped and bright statement jewellery turns even the most boring everyday looks instantly into something special. Every one of their pieces is unique and therefore a precious treasure you won't miss again.

Interview with the designer

Hello Simone, tell me a little bit about how and when you started to design jewellery.
Hello! We started one year and a half ago so it's still a relatively new business. It wasn't planned or even preconceived. My boyfriend was working as a surfboard shaper, and I was a visual merchandiser. One night he just said, "I'd like to do something more intricate with my resin skills.", so I suggested, expecting rejection, "What about jewellery?". He replied "Ok, design something." which was a surprise, but a very welcomed one.

You work together as a team with your boyfriend. How do you collaborate? Do you have a special diversion of responsibilities?
Although we do share a lot of the responsibilities and designing, there are some things that are completed individually. For example, I like selling our products, so that's something I do. Scott works with the resin because it's something he is very good at. Some things are better suited or more enjoyed by just one of us.

All your pieces are made of resin. What is your fascination with this material and why is it the perfect choice?
Well, I guess it first started out of convenience as Scott already knew how to work with it. Then as we established our aesthetic it became an integral part of what we create. Colour is an essential component of our designs, and the medium resin helps to capture this.

On your blog, you share inspiration of how to style your jewellery. What would be your dream look to go with your favourite piece?
Something quiet maximalist I think. Although I love how a bright bangle or necklace can set off a more simple outfit, I find it far more interesting when the look is bold and expressive.

How would you describe the importance of accessories for a look?
My best friend once told me "You ARE accessories" because they are always the most important component of any of my outfits. I think accessories can make you feel incredible in a way that is quiet different to clothes. You could practically wear the same outfit every day but by adding different shoes or jewellery you completely personalise the look. I also feel people are prepared to take more risks aesthetically (and I guess physically, when it comes to some shoes) when choosing their accessories. I've sold both clothes and jewellery to women, and I can certainly see a distinct difference in the two; jewellery always makes you feel better when you put it on.

Tell me about three things that inspired you recently.
Leopard Print: It is a common theme in my wardrobe, but not usually an inspiration. We have just created a necklace in ode to the iconic print.
Pink Glitter: I can't get enough of the stuff.
Turquoise: This colour is so refreshing.

Do you have idols who inspire you?
I am most inspired by clever people who look like the are enjoying themselves.

Last but not least: If your jewellery would be music, how would it sound?
Like Bryan Ferry.

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  1. Well I am perfectly in love!! These are wonderful. The way the colours move is like waves in the ocean. Perfect. I also agree with the three things inspiring her just now...love leopard print, pink glitter and turquoise is a favourite colour of mine!! I love it :))))))) xxx

  2. These are amazing.. I love the colors in it! The fourth one reminds me of candy corn!

    Accessories are so important and makes for an easy way to change up the same outfit.