Sunday, 26 October 2014

Rainbow Warrior

Hello sunshine, I show you my bare midriff!
hot pink hair, moody sunglasses, kanokkorn lamlert
Very pink hair, rainbow glasses and my favourite jewellery from Thailand.
Serena Kuhl, Quiz Clothing, flower print
Multi-Coloured Ring Cocktail: Matching my rings to my skirt.
Quiz Clothing, Crop Top look, rainbow colours look
The Magic of Black: Doesn't it make my hair even brighter?
Quiz Clothing, Kanokkorn Lamlert, crop top in autumn
Upppps: You catch me dreaming of rainbows.
kanokkorn lamlert, necklace, perspex diamonds
Jewellery Crush from Thailand: Probably the most complimented necklace I got this year…
unif sunglasses, kanokkorn lamlert, hot pink hair
Quirky Alien: No, it's not me, it's my sunnies that turn the look into something from outer space.
quiz clothing, crop top in winter, flower print skirt
Standing Straight: Cause this is what rainbow warriors do…
rainbow shoes, platform sandals, yru
No Decisions: Just have all colours on your shoes, yay!

Ha, I discovered a few rays of sunshine! Time for sandals, flower prints and a crop top with long sleeves (to make sure nobody thinks I'm in the wrong season).

I think crop tops are here to stay. The whole bare midriff thing started as a trend, but it's just coming back season after season, and I couldn't be more happy. I love how they look combined with a skirt, for a look without a frozen belly try a high-waisted one. My kidneys prefer my crop top love that way too, but I wish I were not such a sissy when it came to cold.

When it gets colder, you will see me sneaking from one heated room to another heated room, I'm just no outside gal, no sir! I wish I could wear sandals the whole year and don't like to look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer whenever I go out.

Once I met an African woman when my skin was very pink from the cold. She looked at me and just said "White people have many, many colours." I still smile when I think about this, and it's so true. Thankfully, the sun is merciful today and the only thing very, very pink is my hair. The only reason I could ever turn into a winter girl would be if my bob turned as pink as my nose in the cold. Oh my gosh, my living room wouldn't see me again!

I hope you're having a sunny day as well, and I'm curious to hear how you like this look.

My Outfit: 
Skirt: Quiz Clothing, Crop Top: Topshop, Shoes: YRU, Sunglasses: Unif,
Necklace and Earrings: Kanokkorn Lamlert, Rings: Serene Kuhl, Tights: Primark

Thanks to Quiz Clothing for the skirt.


  1. You look the skirt. And these jewellery pieces are wonderful, I like them a lot!! Beautiful darling xx

  2. Gorgeous skirt and I just LOVE your hair this colour. Such a pretty shade.

  3. Love that crop top! I hope you are okay, lots of love from Paris !

  4. I love the whole outfit! I especially like how your rainbow sunglasses match your shoes. So fab!

  5. Amazing outfit! I am in love with your sunglasses! x

  6. Oh wow that jewellery is super cool, love the colours <3

    The Quirky Queer