Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

vivetta, pink and red, lolita look
A pink kiss comes with a bang of red.
tatty devine, planet ring, hand candy
Intergalactic love story: Hand Candy like from outer space.
vivetta, heart shaped glasses, pink and red
Quirky Lolita: I'll never be over heart shaped glasses, I swear!
vivetta, leather skirt, heart shaped glasses
I want it all: Blue for the boys, pink for the girls, both of them together for Sara!
becksöndergaard, eel leather bag, red clutch
Slippery Eel: Rediscovered this bag in my wardrobe, what a special material!
vivienne westwood, melissa, red shoes
Ruby shoes: What happens if I clap them three times, I wonder?

Dying my hair pink was the death of red lips for quite a long time. Today the phoenix rises from the ashes; red is back, and it comes with a bang! It's something very special to combine these colours together: Nonetheless, they are very close on the colour wheel; their mix has a bad reputation. For AW14 many designers – such as House of Holland, Valentino or Dior – showed us otherwise and clashed pink and red.

The secret behind this combination is just to make it look bold, so everybody knows it's a deliberate colour fusion and not an unfortunate accident! Today I include baby blue as well to unite both classical children's room colours in one outfit. The skirt was an impulse purchase on my last short trip to London. I just had an hour left till I had to go to the airport, so you saw me running up and down the streets like a mad chicken.

Last week I went to see the fashion show of Vivetta, today I'm wearing a cardigan from their previous collection. I just adore the Italian label for its girliness, the touch of sweetness and their ability to create statement pieces. Seeing on red carpet pictures that shoe goddess Charlotte Olympia wears the same cardigan makes me even prouder of owning it. Next time, I'll have her shoes as well…

What do you think about the combination of pink and red and how do you like this look?

My Outfit: 
Cardigan: Vivetta (bought at Dotti's), Blouse: Vintage,
Skirt: Topshop (still available in other colours here); Bag: Becksöndergaard,
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, Tights: Topshop, Sunglasses: H&M,
Planet Ring: Tatty Devine, Heart Ring: Nina Bee,
Heart Necklace (worn as bracelet): Me & Zena

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lovely Smell: Givenchy Dahlia Divin

Givenchy, Dahlia Divin, Review
Givenchy, Dahlia Divin, Rewiew
Givenchy, Dahlia Divin, Review

Givenchy: A label surrounded by the mystic aura of luxury. Their newly released fragrance Dahlia Divin is a graceful and feminine, but not offensive fragrance. Dahlia Divin is centred around a Sambac jasmine note on a woody-chypre base. Sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver are the base notes of this well-balanced, floral perfume.

If you are looking for a delightful scent for autumn to wear every day, this might be your perfect choice. Dahlia Divin is made for a sensual and sublime woman, intending to turn her into a modern goddess.

R&B queen Alicia Keys is the face of Dahlia Devin and has written a song especially for this occasion. The campaign is shot by photographer god Tim Walker himself in Versailles. Especially Alicia's golden Givenchy gown is breathtaking and enhances her pureness and glamorous beauty.

My opinion about Dahlia Divin:
I was very curious about Dahlia Divin, because I love jasmine and sandalwood in general. Like a ray of sunlight, it comes with a strong blast of white flowers. The scent is rather long-lasting, especially the vetiver lingers very long on the skin. It makes even an edgy girl like me feel very ladylike.

Dahlia Divin is a fragrance to wear for professional or dressy occasions rather than to make a bold statement on a date. It's a lovely perfume when you have the feeling that you need something smooth for the cold days.

Thanks to coolbrandz for supplying the product for this review.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lovely Label: Azumi & David

azumi and david, made in london, shoe bag
Already a classic: Azumi and David's heeled bags
Azumi and David, contemporary still life, ss15
Silk scarves as a canvas for modern still life paintings
Azumi and David, pizza box bag, newspaper bag
From everyday objects to it pieces: Azumi and David give pizza boxes and newspapers a new meaning
azumi and david, ss15, dog bag
No barking, no growling: A dog is the perfect bag for sure
azumi and david, ss15, still life bag
The illusion of carrying items of everyday living: A'N'D still life bags
azumi and david, leather necklace, gem necklace
Leather crystal necklaces with Austrian glass gems and pearls

Azumi & David are a London based fashion designer duo that I've been admiring for a long time. I love their work with it's surreal touch and their ability to add a complete new context to everyday objects.

I got introduced to Azumi & David about five years ago. Since then I've been following their work and have had the honour to become friends with this lovely Japanese-British couple. They both studied fashion at Central Saint Martins in London and started to work together in 1995. They have progressed through a variety of projects from limited edition artist's books, performance art and moved on to fashion and accessory. Their first two stockists have been the Pineal Eye London and Colette Paris; nowadays their things are sold all over the world.

In their SS 2015 collection "Contemporary Still Life" Azumi and David took inspiration from the 16th to 17th century Dutch still life oil paintings. They combine fruits, vegetables and flowers with modern objects such as plastic water bottles, light bulbs and cosmetics. Azumi and David created a range of silk dresses, digitally printed scarves, jewellery and bags. They're releasing new versions of their ingenious shoe bags as well. If you don't have one yet, the time has come!

With Azumi and David's contemporary update, still life pictures do not belong to the museums anymore but become wearable for style hungry people.

Visit their page and their online shop here.

Copyright of all pictures by Azumi and David.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Mr. Bowie & The Cat People

lazy oaf, pink fluffy, cat jumper
Dear David Bowie, yes, they are cat people and dog people, and I belong to the first sort for sure.
Lazy Oaf, Streetstyle, cat jumper
Can you stare for a thousand years? Deeply in love with my cat jumper from Lazy Oaf. 
lazy oaf, cat jumper, pink hair
Eyes so green? I am sorry: Blue must do.
Dilly Socks, socks with sandals, patterned socks
No optical illusion: Red Dice pattern socks to keep my legs warm.
Serena Kuhl, pink plastic bag, barbie bag
See this skirt so red, red like jungle burning bright.
Lazy Oaf, Dilly Socks, pink and red
No need to cry tears so blue, no broken hearts today.
cat top, fluffy top, lazy oaf
Do you listen to the musings from my pink world, Mr. Bowie?
fluffy cat top, lazy oaf, pink hair
Don't you know my name? Just call me the pink girl then.

I am happy I managed to present you an outfit post this week. Last week I had so much work to do for my daytime job, I rarely had the time to think about my beloved blog. Sometimes I wish I was an octopus and had eight arms to do more things at the same time (and to wear more rings and bangles at the same time ;-) ).

I was among pretty models most of the time, which didn't inspire me to take pictures of myself. I envied them for their pretty faces, their endless legs and their ingenious posing. Gosh, I tell you, sometimes I feel so clumsy while I try to do my pictures and I wish I could just style the outfits, but stay hidden as a person. Does that sound strange coming from a blogger? Well, if you didn't know yet I tell you: Not all bloggers are exhibitionists.

The only thing keeping me from hiding in bed was, that my cat jumper is just too cute to keep it from you. When I discovered out how well it goes together with those knee socks, my motivation to jump in front of a camera immediately returned.

My true ambition behind blogging: It's not about me, not about showing you my face, but about the fashion finds that makes me jump from excitement. So let's keep going and discover more amazing things together! Stay pink and happy  <3

How do you like this look my lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Top: Lazy Oaf, Skirt: Vintage, Socks: Dilly Socks, Rings & Bangle: Serena Kuhl,
Tights: H&M, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: H&M

Thanks to Dilly Socks for the socks.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Copper Is the New Gold

copper, trend 2014, tom dixon
Metallic Case    –   Bangle  –  Bowls
Sequin Dress  –  Necklace  –  High Heels
Copper Ball Lamp  –  Nail Polish  –  Handbag

Growing up in Switzerland included a few visits to dairies when I was at school – how stereotypically! When I saw the enormous copper kettles of the cheese makers, it was probably my first encounter with copper. It was just on the very borders of my awareness until I got in touch with British industrial designer Tom Dixon a few years ago. In my opinion, he is the one who started a new copper hype with his iconic round lamps (bottom left in my picture). Now the hype finally reached the high street.

Copper has a certain warmth which makes it perfect for the cold wintertime. I know what I am talking about: It's almost a year since I got my very own Tom Dixon copper ball lamp. I still couldn't be happier about how much the colour of this lamp changed the atmosphere in my whole living room.

This Christmas, copper and its alloys bronze and brass seems to be the hot thing to get: From tree decoration to candle holders, lanterns to tinsel, I spotted it all in the shops. Now is the time to dress yourself and your living room in this warm colour! My selection might help you to achieve this… especially the handbag from YesI'mFrench (bottom right corner) will be the star of every party. Go for it!

How do you like copper and is there something on my list you are craving for as well?

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lovely Label: Doll Eyes

Doll Eyes, fashion, art
Doll Eyes NY, fashion, art
Doll Eyes, fashion, art
Doll Eyes, fashion, art
Doll Eyes NY, Fashion, Art

Whenever you start to suspect that you might have seen it all, totally unexpected something new comes in your life that hits you like a blast. This is what happened when I found Doll Eyes and their kawaii fashion. Their pieces are like the golden ticket to your dreamland, and no day can ever be grey and dull with fashion like this. Read in the following interview with the designers what inspires them and how they started to create their amazing things.

Interview with Dolls Eyes

Your Label just launched in February 2014 and we still don't know a lot about you. Please tell us who is behind your label and how you started it.
Doll Eyes is a collaboration between NYC-based designers Elena Kanagy-Loux and Stella Rose Saint Clair. Both admirers of each other's personal style and work, we always knew we might end up working together in some capacity. Doll Eyes formed quickly after we made the decision to collaborate on a small project, and soon we were stitching together a whole collection!

Your Easter Mass collection is full of cuteness, fluffy pieces and cute bunny faces. It seems like a perfect pastel dream from a children's book. What inspired you?
We love holiday themes and Easter is one of our favorite holidays because it combines some of the sweetest things from our childhood with an unsettling religious undertone. For Easter Mass, we collected everything we love about the commercialization of Easter and chose to display the collection in a local art gallery that functions as a satanic church. 

If you think about the perfect occasion to wear one of your outfits, what pops into your mind?
Doll Eyes clothing is all about fun and every piece has a decadent quality. Everything we do is over the top and we consider that to be a mantra for life when it comes to wearing our clothes. Even if your day is full of mundane tasks, wearing Doll Eyes will transport you to a place of fantasy.

You state your fashion as experimental. It looks like something between art, couture and wearable fashion. Where do you see yourself?
That's exactly it. We consider ourselves to be artists and fashion just happens to be our medium. While our goal is to balance more wearable pieces with our runway looks,  our favorite creations are ones that have no bounds and like works of art, speak for themselves.

Let's talk a little bit about the future: What are your plans for your label?
We just released our first official seasonal collection "Les Filles Goulues" or, The Gluttonous Girls of which select items will be available for purchase in Spring 2015. The collection is inspired by 1760's meets 1960's fashion with a nod to french culture and the feeling of the clothes came from our love of the Czech film Daisies. We are currently working on a bigger collection which will also debut next Spring. Stay tuned!

You can shop Doll Eyes here and please don't forget to visit them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Doll Eyes.