Thursday, 6 November 2014

Copper Is the New Gold

copper, trend 2014, tom dixon
Metallic Case    –   Bangle  –  Bowls
Sequin Dress  –  Necklace  –  High Heels
Copper Ball Lamp  –  Nail Polish  –  Handbag

Growing up in Switzerland included a few visits to dairies when I was at school – how stereotypically! When I saw the enormous copper kettles of the cheese makers, it was probably my first encounter with copper. It was just on the very borders of my awareness until I got in touch with British industrial designer Tom Dixon a few years ago. In my opinion, he is the one who started a new copper hype with his iconic round lamps (bottom left in my picture). Now the hype finally reached the high street.

Copper has a certain warmth which makes it perfect for the cold wintertime. I know what I am talking about: It's almost a year since I got my very own Tom Dixon copper ball lamp. I still couldn't be happier about how much the colour of this lamp changed the atmosphere in my whole living room.

This Christmas, copper and its alloys bronze and brass seems to be the hot thing to get: From tree decoration to candle holders, lanterns to tinsel, I spotted it all in the shops. Now is the time to dress yourself and your living room in this warm colour! My selection might help you to achieve this… especially the handbag from YesI'mFrench (bottom right corner) will be the star of every party. Go for it!

How do you like copper and is there something on my list you are craving for as well?


  1. I thought the copper bangle was a swimming floaty at first, that is really inventive. I remember copper kettles when I was little as there wasn't plug in ones yet. I liked them. My aunt always had copper pans hanging. Copper was quite in fashion when I was a child. Lovely to see it again, I always liked the light it reflected on objects :)

  2. Copper! I have some pretty copper jewelry my boyfriend got me last year, but I honestly never know what to wear it with. What's your fave color to pair with copper?

    1. You should definitely give it a try, your boyfriend is so fashion forward :-D I think copper looks very good with a dark blue or purple. Recently I am in love to mix it with a very pale pink. There is some inspiration for this combination in interior design and I bet it works just as well for fashion: <3