Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lovely Label: Doll Eyes

Doll Eyes, fashion, art
Doll Eyes NY, fashion, art
Doll Eyes, fashion, art
Doll Eyes, fashion, art
Doll Eyes NY, Fashion, Art

Whenever you start to suspect that you might have seen it all, totally unexpected something new comes in your life that hits you like a blast. This is what happened when I found Doll Eyes and their kawaii fashion. Their pieces are like the golden ticket to your dreamland, and no day can ever be grey and dull with fashion like this. Read in the following interview with the designers what inspires them and how they started to create their amazing things.

Interview with Dolls Eyes

Your Label just launched in February 2014 and we still don't know a lot about you. Please tell us who is behind your label and how you started it.
Doll Eyes is a collaboration between NYC-based designers Elena Kanagy-Loux and Stella Rose Saint Clair. Both admirers of each other's personal style and work, we always knew we might end up working together in some capacity. Doll Eyes formed quickly after we made the decision to collaborate on a small project, and soon we were stitching together a whole collection!

Your Easter Mass collection is full of cuteness, fluffy pieces and cute bunny faces. It seems like a perfect pastel dream from a children's book. What inspired you?
We love holiday themes and Easter is one of our favorite holidays because it combines some of the sweetest things from our childhood with an unsettling religious undertone. For Easter Mass, we collected everything we love about the commercialization of Easter and chose to display the collection in a local art gallery that functions as a satanic church. 

If you think about the perfect occasion to wear one of your outfits, what pops into your mind?
Doll Eyes clothing is all about fun and every piece has a decadent quality. Everything we do is over the top and we consider that to be a mantra for life when it comes to wearing our clothes. Even if your day is full of mundane tasks, wearing Doll Eyes will transport you to a place of fantasy.

You state your fashion as experimental. It looks like something between art, couture and wearable fashion. Where do you see yourself?
That's exactly it. We consider ourselves to be artists and fashion just happens to be our medium. While our goal is to balance more wearable pieces with our runway looks,  our favorite creations are ones that have no bounds and like works of art, speak for themselves.

Let's talk a little bit about the future: What are your plans for your label?
We just released our first official seasonal collection "Les Filles Goulues" or, The Gluttonous Girls of which select items will be available for purchase in Spring 2015. The collection is inspired by 1760's meets 1960's fashion with a nod to french culture and the feeling of the clothes came from our love of the Czech film Daisies. We are currently working on a bigger collection which will also debut next Spring. Stay tuned!

You can shop Doll Eyes here and please don't forget to visit them on Facebook.

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  1. Loved them for a very long time! The furry bunny coat is a dream coat. And even better, the girls are so sweet. Love this label. Great interview doll xx