Thursday, 11 December 2014

I Am the Walking Candyfloss

Jacquemus, bubblegum coat, Miu MIu glitter sunglasses
Pink Spice: A pink coat is how to stay fluffy in winter.
Jacquemus, pink coat, miu miu glitter sunglasses
Hide and Seek: Not even the biggest collar can hide my glitter sunglasses.
Miu Miu, pink sunglasses, glitter
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Enchanted by those sunglasses from Miu Miu.
Jacquemus coat, pink look, miu miu sunglasses
Size Matters: This is because I wear my coats oversized today!
jacquemus pink coat, miu miu glitter sunglasses, pink girl
Let's Snuggle: No nasty wind can keep me from feeling cosy today.
Illustrated People, Spice Jumper, pink sequins
Spice Girl: Sweet, sweet memories of my first girl band crush in the 90s…
Jacquemus pink coat, spice jumper, pink outfit
Wide Open: I'm hiding nothing beneath my coat.
miu miu, sunglasses, glitter
Proud to be Pink: Matched the shade of my hair to my look today.
From All Sides: This coat is perfect from every perspective!

Yay, I have the perfect coat! Finally, I managed to turn myself into a walking candy floss, all fluffy, pink and yummy. Words can't explain how much in love I am with my oversized wool coat from ultra cool French label Jacquemus.

According to designer Simon Porte, the typical Jacquemus girl is very French and never wears makeup (Source: interview with Harpers Bazaar). This is not me at all, but hey: I am my very own and different version of a Jacquemus girl, maybe unlike anything the designer has ever imagined while designing his pieces.

Today's look is not just about the coat but as well about the sunglasses. I was looking at those Miu Miu sunglasses forever, trying to convince myself that I don't need them. It worked quite well for weeks, but as you see there was no final escape… They are pink, they are with glitter, how could I say no to them? This purchase made me realise that 2014 was the year of me discovering a designer label taste. Quite a few luxurious pieces moved into my wardrobe during the last months. One of the highlights is my pink Mulberry Bayswater bag, which I didn't even style to a look for you yet. I still believe a girl shouldn't buy big labels because of the power of their names. If they manage to excite, it's fine to fall in love for sure…

How do you like this fluffy look?

My Outfit: 
Coat: Jacquemus x La Redoute, Jumper: Illustrated People, Skirt: Review (not recent),
Sunglasses: Miu Miu, Shoes: Timberland, Ring: Miaki, Tights: H&M

Thanks to La Redoute for the coat.


  1. Whoa, I love the extreme pinkness of your coat and sunglasses! Bright colors always make the winter so much more bearable.

  2. Love this sooooo much, you look like a pink dream my beauty, wonderful xxxx

  3. Really stunnig look! <3

  4. so piiink x3 Love these shades!

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  5. obsessed

  6. So much pink, I love it! Well I'm exactly the same, I've been telling myself for years that I must resist these sunglasses, but I think 2015 will finally be the year I buy them! I have the Prada Baroque pair with the twirly legs and adore them, so I think a pink glittery pair of miu Miu's would be a good investment!

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