Sunday, 21 December 2014

Oh Baby, It's Cold as Ice!

On pictures, nobody feels how chilly a winter dream is in real.
My fake fur and me are a daring lot, out in the cold.
Even the cute ice cream has red cheeks from the cold.
Darling candy earrings for the maximum of cuteness.
Crystals rings from my dear Serena Kuhl in the most awesome colours.
It's soooooo fluffy! I love the pastel colours of this coat.
There is no such a thing as an overdose of cuteness!
Candy: This is what my dreams are made.
Fluffy monster wishes you a happy day. Stay cosy!

I am such a happy bunny! I won the most amazing fake fur coat on the Lazy Kat blog. I bet with this coat I would be the dream monster of James P. Sullivan from the movie Monsters Inc.. There is already a little funny story to go with it: In the bus a little girl sat next to me and eyed me shyly. Suddenly she took heart and asked me if she might stroke my coat. Hilarious, don't you agree?

I don't understand why people tend to dress boring in winter. I often study the outfits of the people while travelling by train. Recently I ended up being the only colourful girl in a crowd of black and grey not just once. This makes me sad. I can't believe that all those people don't dream of being more exciting than a dark down jacket.

One of my goals for this year was to have no bad outfit days. I didn't succeed completely, but I think there was almost no day with just a plain and boring look and no all-black look at all. Let me think about a while about my fashion goals for next year. I want to go further on my journey, and I'm happy you are here. Have a happy Christmas my lovelies, you are the best followers I could imagine!

What do you think about this look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Coat: Boohoo, Jumper: Sheinside, Skirt: Lazy Oaf (old), Earrings: Now or Never,
Shoes: River Island SS14 (sold out), Socks: Topshop, Bangle and Rings: Serena Kuhl,
Bag: River Island (just available in other colours here), Tights: Topshop

Thanks to Lazy Kat for the Coat, to Serena Kuhl for bangle and rings and to Now or Never for the earrings.


  1. I love this outfit!! The coat is amazing xx

  2. look darling, love this fluffy coat & I'm so happy you won it as I know you were thinking of buying it. It looks perfect on you, sooooo fluffy...LOVE this outfit a lot :)) xx

  3. You look absolutely amazing!! Love the blog post, thank you very much dear :))

  4. You always pick the most gorgeous jewellery pieces ^_^

    fishnetandfairytypes / beauty & style blog

  5. Wow, you won that coat! Such a lucky peep. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I just love your posts and those rings are just amazing. I need to go check those out. *wink*

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Beauty & Fashion
    Blog / GFC / Facebook / Bloglovin

  6. Those rings are so beautiful! I love the colours :)



  7. Amaaaazing outfit, love the pastel colors!
    ( ◡‿◡ ♡)
    。.:*・°☆ Pastel Cubes Blog 。.:*・°☆
    ☆彡  ☆彡 

  8. I love it and yes, it reminds me of Sully. I know what you mean, I hate to see all dark colours and lots of 'sad' umbrellas in the rain, so much prettier with fun, bright colours. Of course I love all black outfits too, but the colourful ones are the ones that make me smile.

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