Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Lovely Giveaway: Ultimate Ears & Rituals Relax Package

UE Roll, giveaway, win
giveaway, rituals, indian rose
win, giveaway, rituals energy bubble bath
UE Roll, Ultimate Ear, give-away

Aaaaaaaargh! Baking cookies, planning extensive dinner parties with family and friends, running through the city with thousands of other people to fetch gifts, writing greeting cards and DON'T forget about wrapping all the boxes with pretty paper and shiny ribbons! Are you just as stressed as I am? Well then, now it's my time to give something to you:

THE Ultimate Relax Package.
Just imagine: Light this beautiful candle from Rituals, enjoy its scent of Indian rose and sweet almond oil, both ingredients well known in Ayurveda. Dive into a warm bubble bath with the Rituals Energy Bubble Bath and completely forget about the cold, the stress and everything around you.

Meanwhile, you listen to your favourite songs, coming from your new UE Roll speaker. This Bluetooth speaker connects to your computer, tablet or phone and brings your playlists to whatever place you can imagine. Because it's waterproof, even siren songs coming directly from the bathtub are no dream anymore.

So what are you waiting for? Enter, keep your fingers crossed and relax! Good luck!

How to enter:
Follow the instructions of the Rafflecoper below and leave a comment on this post, telling me about your perfect song/music to relax. This giveaway ends at the 4.1.16 and is open worldwide.

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lovely Designer Glasses for SS16

dolce&gabbana, ss2016, sunglasses
dolce & gabbana, sunglasses, ss2016
Miu Miu, ss2016, glasses
miu miu, ss2016, sunglasses
miu miu, sunglasses ss2016
miu miu, ss2016, sunglasses
miu miu, sunglasses, ss2016
miu miu, sunglasses, ss2016
prada, sunglasses, ss2016

An announcement: This post comes from the future. I am extremely proud to present my favourite designer glasses for SS16 and it's not even Christmas yet. Those pretties from Miu Miu, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, will hit the stores in spring and I'll certainly queue for at least one pair of them (owning two or three pairs can't hurt…).

You have to imagine me standing in front of a wall full of not yet released glasses, choosing my favourites. I was about to burst. But then came the worst part: Keeping this a secret till I had my pictures ready for you.

Everybody knows: Sunglasses are my favourite accessory. It's because they never miss to surprise me with innovation. No other accessory is capable of changing your look so drastically in a blink. So forget about small decent designs, go big or go home is what makes them interesting. Experiment with shapes, colours and designs, it's a neverending playground!

As you see, there is a lot of glitter coming in eyewear next year and the exaggerated glasses are here to stay, yay! Colourwise you'll find a lot of dusty tones as well as bold colours. Miu Miu never fails to stir my excitement, but this time, I must say that the blue Dolce & Gabbana glasses might even top everything else.

What do you think about those glasses, do you have a favourite pair?

Glasses: 1) Dolce & Gabbana  2-5) Miu Miu  6) Prada

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Lovely Christmas Gift Ideas: Home

Christmas gift guide, 2015, home accessories

In the cold winter season, there is no lovelier place on earth than a cosy home, so why not gift something for the flat or house for Christmas? My ten favourite gifts for home reach from hostess gifts to pieces of furniture, so you will find something for everybody.

1)  Flamingo Hooks: No more boring hooks please, we all need flamingos!
2)  Round Side Table: Cause nobody can resist pastel-coloured Nordic design.
3)  Diamond Bedsheets: Best sheets ever to dream of mystical treasures.
4)  Golden Cutlery: Cause this will make the festive meals more glamorous.
5)  Fruit Pillows: If you haven't started a Silkenfavours collection: Now is the time!
6)  Colourful Bath Towel: Designed in Hackney, made to brighten up your day.
7)  Scented Candle: No winter without candles! Especially luxurious ones from Diptyque.
8)  Metallic Containers: The golden grail of pepper grinders from Bloomingville.
10) Paper Gradient Vase: The perfect hostess gift, available in many colours.

Found your perfect gift? If not why don't you have a look at my accessory gift ideas as well.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Lovely Christmas Gift Ideas: Accessories

christmas, gift guide, ideas 2015

Still looking for a Christmas gift for your fashionista friend or yourself? No worries, here comes help! I promise, those things will cause a lot of delight. Dear Santa, We've been good, good girls…

1)  Sweet Wrapper Necklace: Dear Santa please bring candy, but only from Tatty Devine.
2)  Baby-G Watch: THE one and only gift for cool 90s girls and Spice Girls fans.
3)  Rainbow Fur Scarf: The cutest fluffy friend from British designer Charlotte Simone.
4)  Nutcracker Silk Scarf: No Christmas without the Nutcracker!
5)  Snake Earrings: Because it's time to start a Doodad & Fandango collection.
6)  Candy Wrapper Bag: It's pink, it's Kate Spade, it should be under the tree!
7)  Iridescent Diamond Bag: Girls want diamonds, girls want bags, so this is a 2 in 1.
8)  Tourmaline Ring: A precious and delicate ring, handmade in Australia.
9)  Blue Metallic Bag: If you wanna give a gift for life, go for this Mulberry bag!
10) Cat iPhone Sleeve: A cute friend that will keep (three) eyes on your phone.

Not found your gift yet? Keep tuned for more gift ideas!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

I'm Living In My Own World (& Have a Tropical Party Every Day)

tropical look, flamingo cape, pineapple hat
pineapple hat, pineapple fascinator, pink hair
shoes, flowers, fruits
Ciara Monahan, Dazzle and Jolt, tropical look
Ciara Monahan, tropical look, dazzle & jolt
flamingo cape, tropical prints, fruits in fashion
flamingo cape, pineapple fascinator, carmen miranda
ciara monahan, independent fashion, made in london
ciara monahan, tropical bag, flower hand bag
ciara monahan, flower handbag, tropical

Have you always dressed like this? People often ask me. So let's talk about this today! How did it happen that I ended up being this crazy version of me when I once was a child like everybody else and could have become everything?

I grew up in a world without internet and fashion. The little village I was born used to be a world far, far away from the catwalks, from shopping malls and neon lights. Clothes were mostly meant to be practical, their purpose was to protect against the snow and to make it possible to walk over stony paths. Most people probably believe it must be a dream to grow up there, but little Sara was never interested in cows, hiking, and nature in particularly. I loved books, and they were my first way to escape the green world around me. I dreamed of dragons, witches, and futuristic cities.

Unlike most of my classmates at school, my parents weren't farmers, and my mother took me to the closest city where I learned about the miracle of H&M. I was thrilled. With the innocence of a hillbilly girl, I discovered my love for pretty clothes and thought I found paradise. When I didn't like the clothes my mother laid out for me I sometimes splashed water on them on purpose (how handy we had a well in front of our house).

While other people already started to talk about me dressing differently than the others, when I look back I don't see myself as anything else than a hillbilly girl who still had a long, long way in front of her. I don't think you would follow my blog if I would dress like I used to back then. It took many years to become what I am today, and I feel like an architect who constantly builds on the house called Sara. Nobody just wakes up dressed crazy like this. If you rip a person from everything, she or he is, in the end we are all (almost) the same: Plain and naked canvases. But how we design ourselves in clothes and character, this is what makes the difference!

I wouldn't have dared to wear this look five years ago and sometimes I still struggle with my eccentric self – especially when I catch people laughing about me. But style is work in progress, it's an evolution! I am looking forward so much to see future me and pray to all my fashion icons that she is even more crazy.

Whenever I have doubts I tell myself: It's ok to be a cyborg, to be a Carmen Miranda impersonator, a forgotten member of the Addams Family or a princess who got lost on her way to Disneyland! All you need to do is to develop an idea about who you want to see on the pictures when you look back at your life and head into that direction! I went for the crazy girl from rainbow city, and I'm not halfway there yet…

And last but not least, a link to a brilliant post about colour by my dear friend and artist Diane Goldie. Click here for this must read.

My Outfit:
Cape, Bag, Shoes & Pineapple Fascinator: Ciara Monahan, Dress: Dazzle & Jolt,
Bangles & Rings: Serena Kuhl, Flower Hairclip: Temptress of Waikiki,
Necklace: Hannah Makes Things

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lovely Giveaway: Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box, giveaway, kawaii gift
kawaii box, win, japan goodies
Kawaii box, giveaway, cute items from Japan and Korea
Kawaii box, giveaway, review
Kawaii box, october 2016, giveaway
kawaii box, giveaway, review

Tadah! Here comes the second birthday giveaway. Since my last Kawaii Box giveaway got so much love, I thought you'd appreciate another one. On the pictures you see the October Kawaii Box, if you are the lucky winner, you'll get next month's surprise goodies. The giveaway is open internationally, all you need to do is to enter in the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the post.

In case you are new to Kawaii Box: It's the cutest monthly subscription box, bringing 10 to 12 handpicked items from Japan and Korea right to your doorstep, no matter where you are. The Kawaii Box can contain toys, sweets, stationary and beauty items.

This is already my second box, but the anticipation was just the same. From the first moment I opened the parcel, I knew this one is going to be fun. I loved the cute stamps and the fluffy plush that can be used as a case best. I'll use the gift bags for little Christmas goodies and the stickers to decorate post to my godchild.

If you like surprises as much as I do, you should try the Kawaii Box. For all Christmas elves: In case you need a gift for a kawaii friend, this is a perfect idea.

Good luck to all who enter my giveaway!

You can make a subscription to the Kawaii Box here:

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lovely Shopping: Jo Brauer

Jo Brauer, Shopping, Zurich
Jo Brauer, Bloomingville, Zurich
Best Shops in Zurich, Shopping, fashion
home accessory, shopping, zurich
Zurich, shopping, jo brauer
Jo Brauer, Zurich, Shopping
Shopping, Zurich, Jo Brauer
Shopping, Zurich, Jo Brauer

Oh Zurich, you are a place of people dressed the same. Very often you give me the impression there must be an obligatorily gray uniform every citizen has to wear. Because my heart craves for individuality with every breath, this makes me sad. I blame part of it on the shops selling all the same.

Fortunately, there are exceptions: A few days ago I was invited to an event by Jo Brauer, one of the very few fashion stores in this city that goes a different way. They celebrated their location at the Europaallee and a new business software called Paymash, ideal for start-ups and online shops.

Going to Jo Brauer is like love at first sight: If you enter the shop, you instantly feel welcome and almost like at home (it's just tidier and without the not so nice but necessary things every flat contains). I could spend hours here, admiring the golden vases, stylish boots, fluffy fake fur coats and trendy sunglasses. Brands I adore from all over the world found their home here: Minkpink, Quay Eyeware, Bloomingville and Selected Femme are a few of them, just to drop names.

Jo Brauer was founded by Dusanka Simic, the Sophia Amoruso of Switzerland. Born in Croatia, Dusanka started a business here selling vintage clothes from home a few years ago. Meanwhile, she opened a few pop-up stores and shops until she arrived at her new big jewel at the Europaallee. Dusanka is always on the hunt for the newest and coolest labels, and you can feel her love for the items she sells and her ambition. What she created is a shop unlike any other in Zurich, a true paradise for the searcher of the extraordinary.

Of course, I didn't leave without a big bag, and maybe you already spotted on Instagram how my home turned a little bit more golden with Jo Brauer. I can recommend this shop; it's a wonderful place to treat yourself and (hint!!!!) as well the perfect place to find some presents (cause Christmas is coming closer).

Visit Jo Brauer here and don't forget to like them on Facebook.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Where the Wild Mushrooms Grow

chiara ferragni shoes, surreal shoes, shoes with eyes
jazzafine, mushroom fascinator, miu miu sunglasses
vintage look, vive maria, retro girl
Jazzafine, mushroom hat, autumn fascinator
vive maria, mushroom fascinator, miu miu sunglasses
Chiara Ferragni, glitter shoes, shoes with eyes
vive maria, vintage dress, peter pan collar
vive maria, vintage look, peter pan collar
Vive Maria, retro blogger, vintage style

A rather rare moment: I don't just feel the autumn, I look like the autumn in person. There are even mushrooms growing on my head. This can only mean one thing: Christmas must be coming closer. Argh, time to panic! So much to do till it's time to relax under the tree. I'm thinking about gifts, gift guides, and even more gifts. Every year I tell myself that next year I'm going to be better organised and start with preparations earlier. Of course, it doesn't work and all the last minute actions start again till everybody needs to eat boxes full of cookies to compensate all energy they needed to get there. People are not as smart as they think, seriously. All of this seems like the behaviour of a hamster in a rat race.

This year passed probably faster than any other; I can't believe it's almost over. I worked like a dog and dressed like a rainbow. Another birthday is coming up, my godchild can walk on her own now and I see people I love getting older. I start wondering if they notice more lines in my face just as I spot lines on theirs. We are all kind people who tell each other that we still look so so very young, aren't we? But are we honest or just favourably closing our eyes?

Let's face it: We are no longer the young and cool ones. No reason to lie, the teenage songs of our generation are already written some time ago. I want to keep my eyes open day and night and not miss a second of my life.

My Outfit:
Dress: Vive Maria, Fascinator: Jazzafine, Shoes: Chiara Ferragni,
Handbag: Azumi And David, Sunglasses: Miu Miu, Bangles and Rings: Vintage