Friday, 30 January 2015

Curiosity Never Killed the Pink Cat

It's so Fluffy: Quirky bags are my kind of fun.
Like a Superstar: Disguising myself with big glasses and hiding behind my bag.
Quilt & Lace: Who says that delicate and casual don't fit?
Character Cat: I must admit Kitty looks a little bit grumpy, but cute as a button.
Unicorn Hair & Barbie Jewellery: Big girls still like what little girls love best.
Wave the Tail: Because this is what happy cats do.
True Love: A perfect pink couple.
Saying Goodbye: Cat and me are on our way to more adventures.

"Excuse me, may I stroke your cat?" I was asked when I went out dressed like this. "Of course," I said, even if my pink kitty is a little bit shy sometimes. Some dating experts say that going for a walk with a dog is a very good way to get in touch with possible partners. I say a fluffy fake fur cat is all you need to stir attention. Ok, probably it attracts more quirky women than suitable lovers, but I'm not in need for a romance anyway.

January is almost over, and I feel restless. I wish I could travel somewhere right now. London, Paris, Japan, China... I am so ready. Where is my ticket? Where are the cool events, the exciting places and the crazy people? I wonder if they do all hibernate and imagine a big fluffy cave with fantastical sleeping creatures somewhere. Please send me directions, and I'll join.

To cheer myself up I just booked my next trip to London and tickets to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A. I am playing with the thought to fly to China in summer.

Plans keep the heart warm while the body feels the chill…
How do you survive winter and what do you think about this look?

My Outfit: 
Jumper: Defshop, Skirt: United Colors of Benetton,
Bag: New Look (still available in black), Tights: Calzedonia, Shoes: Ego & Greed,
Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Other Rings: A Gift, Necklace: Anne-Sohphie Cochevelou,
Earrings: Suzywan Deluxe, Sunglasses: Alexander Wang

Monday, 26 January 2015

Lovely Shopping: Valentine's Day

valentine's day, wish list, shopping
Heart & Bow Fascinator: Pearls & Swine  –  Matches Necklace: I Love Crafty  –  Platform Shoes: YRU
Heart Ring: Ariel Gorden  –  Heart Clutch: Asos  –  Sunglasses: Yesstyle
Heart Choker: Suzywan Deluxe  –  Perfume: A Beautiful Life  –  Lips Dress: Alice McCall
Hearts Skirt & Crop Top: Ichiban

Oh my, it's almost Valentine's Day! Time for hearts, kiss lips and even more hearts! Here I show you my favourite finds inspired by the day of love. Especially the Alice McCall dress and the YRU platform sandals took my heart by storm. Accomplished by some of the accessories from this post, they would make the outfit of my dreams for this day.

Quite a few people around me tell me they don't care at all about the day of love. I don't agree because it's too good an opportunity for at least a romantic candle light dinner. Love and being loved for just who you are is a very precious thing, so never too many opportunities to celebrate.

Speaking for myself, I don't take it for granted there is somebody who can stand me and all my crazy clutter. Somebody who doesn't mind me being a hopeless fashion victim and encourages me to not be the nice girl from next door, just because that's not who I am.

Do you already have plans for Valentine's Day and what are your perfect pieces for the day of love?

Fascinator picture by Pearls & Swine. Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale, Model & Mua: Victoria Stansfield.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fairy Or Not: I'm the Godmother!

vivetta, streetstyle, hands collar
A look for a baptism according to Lovely Sara: Elegant but quirky.
Vivetta, hands collar, pink bob style
I'm daydreaming about future adventures with my little godchild.
baptism look, vivetta, yesimfrench
Vivetta is very popular in Japan; that's why I chose it for my half-Japanese girl.
yesimfrench, metallic clutch, lunchbag clutch
No, I don't carry my lunch in this shiny bag from Korean designer Yesimfrench.
vivetta look, polka dot dress, hands collar
Being indulged in the sweet memories of a perfect day.
hands collar, surrealism in fashion, vivetta
I still can't stop smiling when I think about it.
yesimfrench, vivetta, streetstyle
Helping hands: Like my collar protects my neck, I'll always be protecting a little girl.
yesimfrench, pink metallic clutch, asian fashion
Keep your belongings in your bag and cherish your dearest memories in your mind!

Sometimes perfectionism keeps me from showing you my most beloved looks: The light is not right, I have a bad hair day, I don't feel beautiful enough – whatever excuse I can find keeps me from being a good blogger. This outfit waited in my wardrobe for a very long time. I bought it for the baptism of my godchild last autumn, a very special occasion. 

Because my little girl is half-Japanese, half-German I wanted to wear something with a hint of Japanese flair. Vivetta seemed the perfect choice and a bag from Korean label Yesimfrench completes my look. Even if I love statement jewellery, for this event I went for less: A baby and big necklaces and chunky rings just don't go very well together.

I was very nervous at the baptism. As well I wanted to look especially pretty, because the pictures taken at the day might cause how she sees me in the future. Probably they will decide if I am the old crone or the cool auntie in her life…

I am so grateful for taking part in the life of this girl. I loved her from the very first time I saw her, and maybe she will be an accomplice in living a life in pink…

Please don't forget to tell me how you like this look.

My Outfit: 
Dress and Blouse: Vivetta (bought at Dotti's),
Bag: Yesimfrench (bought at Dotti's too), Tights: Calzedonia, Socks: Topshop,
Shoes: River Island, Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Cat Ring: Ebay

Friday, 16 January 2015

Three Years In Love With

streeetstyle, fashion, looks
streetstyle, fashion, looks

Wow, today it is exactly three years since I had the crazy idea somebody out there might be interested to see what I wear and started my blog. This day is almost more significant than my birthday.

I have very mixed feelings about my third year of blogging: I was deeply touched by your messages, but sometimes frustrated about my posts ending up in a deep, meaningless void. A few times I couldn't grasp why certain brands I dream of working with prefer other bloggers. "Is my best not enough," I started to ask myself. Other times I couldn't believe my luck when the most amazing designers and labels from all over the world contacted me.

It is lovely to have goals, but things often turn out a different way than imagined. Sometimes better, sometimes less glamourous. I am still the quirky outsider in the Swiss blogger scene, but proud of my very international readership. During my three years of blogging, I never had a break from blogging – not even for a week – and I still don't need one. I just love my blog. Nearly every free minute I have, I spend working on posts. I am stubborn to continue, gather an army of quirky girls around me, ready to colour the world!

Time to walk with one's head raised into year four of blogging: Finally, this blog deserves a top-level domain and this will happen during the next days. As well I have a secret list of designers and labels I wish to collaborate with (feel free to step forward if you have the feeling your name is written there…). Year four, please be a good one and I will be good to you.

Pictures: Overview of all the outfits during the third year of "Sara is in Love with…".
All looks of year one here and of year two here.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lovely Smell: Lalique Amethyst Éclat

Amethyst Éclat from Lalique: This fragrance starts the berry season right now!
It comes in an elegant bottle with silver vines and a touch of Art Nouveau.
Just a drop of this and you might forget about winter.
This seductive perfume, ready to enchant and linger on your skin.

I was very lucky to win a bottle of the just released Lalique Amethyst Éclat fragrance on the SchuSchu blog. I can't share the perfume with you, but I thought you might like to read a review.

Lalique is an 1886 founded French label, closely connected to luxury. Their founder René Lalique was an ingenious Art Nouveau artist, who made the most amazing jewellery and crystal glass objects. Long after his death, the magic of Lalique continues with their creations of jewellery, perfumes and glass art.

Their newest fragrance Amethyst Éclat is a successor to Amethyst from 2007. It's inspired by a gemstone and a very cheerful, sweet and juicy fragrance. It opens with black current, combined with raspberry and nashi pears. The heart of Amethyst Éclat is a combination of rose, peony and magnolia, accompanied by Oxalis violate, blackberry and musk for a base.

This very feminine perfume comes in a purple bottle, decorated with silvery peony and berries – a touch of Art Nouveau but newly interpreted. Lalique has launched a limited edition in a crystal bottle based on designs by René Lalique for those who seek the pure luxury (about 1000 £).

My impression of Amethyst Éclat is that it smells like an opulent garden in spring, full of ripe berries. It's light but rather intense and lingers for a long time on my skin. I was surprised at first try that Lalique releases a fragrance like this in winter, but then it's lovely to have something awaking the dreams about spring when it is cold outside…

Thanks to SchuSchu for letting me win this perfume.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

90s Pineapple Sushi

Tilly Me, 90s inspired look, neon colours
Yummy, who would have thought that a pineapple jumper and a sushi bag are such a tasty combination?
Tilly Me, 90s inspired outfit, pink hair
The festive days are over, now it's time for qurkiy and colourful!
Clara Chérie, pompom earrings, pink hair
Neverending pompom love. Once again, I managed to match my hair to my accessories.
Serena Kuhl, resin jewellery, made in australia
Wearing Serena Kuhl jewellery has become very characteristic for my looks.
kawaii, sushi bag, kirimi bag
Cute Sushi bag which found its way into my wardrobe directly from Japan.
Quay Eveware, neon look, pompom earrings
I'm such a neon 90's girl and proud of it!
serena kuhl, resin bangle, neon bangle
Peppermint and green swirl: What a mixture!
90s jumper, pineapple jumper, Tilly Me
2015, what will you bring me? I am curious!

Wow, finally my first look of 2015, have you been waiting? While most style blogs have been full of festive looks during the last weeks, I decided to take it easy. I enjoyed home a lot, ate self-made cookies and played PlayStation games while drinking big cups of rooibos chai. 2014 was a very busy year with a lot of work and new challenges. I just needed a rest. A lot of inspiration came to be simply by not rushing from one thing to the next, you might see results later.

During a big part of my holidays, I rather cared for the look of my home than mine: Reading a post about Susie Bubble's home inspired me immensely, and I couldn't stop browsing interior shops. Always on the search for cute things for the home. Most things are merely plans yet, but even then they make me happy. Building castles is fun, even when they are just made of air!

Even if I am still sad that wonderful holiday life is over, work has me back since Monday. For you, I have this very colourful and cosy look to show. My cheerful jumper is from Australian label Tilly Me, and it's a perfect antidote against bad weather. The colours remind me very much of the summer and pink pineapples.

May it snow, I stay colourful!

My Outfit: 
Jumper: Tilly Me, Skirt: Vintage, Bag: A gift from Japan,
Bangle and Rings: Serena Kuhl, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware,
Earrings: Clara Chérie, Tights: Calzedonia, Shoes: Ego and Greed

Thanks to Tilly Me for the jumper, to Clara Chérie for the earrings and to Serena Kuhl for the bangle and rings.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lovely Label: Tilly Me

Tilly Me, Fashion, Kawaii prints
Tilly Me, Made in Australia, fashion
Tilly Me, Barbie print, Cute fashion
Tilly Me, cute fashion, kawaii look
Tilly Me, dinosaur cap, kawaii fashion
Tilly Me, cute prints, barbie

I've never been to Australia, but I love the fashion from this country! When I found Melbourne based label Tilly Me, I was convinced again that the Aussies just know how to make fashion colourful, bright and exciting!

Tilly Me is the label by Tilly Michelle, a Melbourne based style icon fond of Harajuku fashion and the 80s and 90s. She creates bold street wear for women and men, featuring kawaii illustrations and cool geometric prints. The distinctive prints are illustrated by Tilly herself and all items are made in Melbourne. As I already have a jumper from Tilly Me, I can truly say that the quality of the hand screen printed fabric is amazing and worth every penny.

Because it's summer in beautiful Australia now, they just released a few breathtaking pieces for the warmer days. No matter how much snow there is over here, I can't stop thinking about the quirky beauty queen, dinosaur and cat prints. I bet they would look rad with thick tights and winter boots as well. Winter you can't stop us girls go crazy for Tilly Me!

Visit Tilly Me here and don't forget to follow them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Tilly Me. Photographer: Jayshell Photos.