Thursday, 8 January 2015

90s Pineapple Sushi

Tilly Me, 90s inspired look, neon colours
Yummy, who would have thought that a pineapple jumper and a sushi bag are such a tasty combination?
Tilly Me, 90s inspired outfit, pink hair
The festive days are over, now it's time for qurkiy and colourful!
Clara Chérie, pompom earrings, pink hair
Neverending pompom love. Once again, I managed to match my hair to my accessories.
Serena Kuhl, resin jewellery, made in australia
Wearing Serena Kuhl jewellery has become very characteristic for my looks.
kawaii, sushi bag, kirimi bag
Cute Sushi bag which found its way into my wardrobe directly from Japan.
Quay Eveware, neon look, pompom earrings
I'm such a neon 90's girl and proud of it!
serena kuhl, resin bangle, neon bangle
Peppermint and green swirl: What a mixture!
90s jumper, pineapple jumper, Tilly Me
2015, what will you bring me? I am curious!

Wow, finally my first look of 2015, have you been waiting? While most style blogs have been full of festive looks during the last weeks, I decided to take it easy. I enjoyed home a lot, ate self-made cookies and played PlayStation games while drinking big cups of rooibos chai. 2014 was a very busy year with a lot of work and new challenges. I just needed a rest. A lot of inspiration came to be simply by not rushing from one thing to the next, you might see results later.

During a big part of my holidays, I rather cared for the look of my home than mine: Reading a post about Susie Bubble's home inspired me immensely, and I couldn't stop browsing interior shops. Always on the search for cute things for the home. Most things are merely plans yet, but even then they make me happy. Building castles is fun, even when they are just made of air!

Even if I am still sad that wonderful holiday life is over, work has me back since Monday. For you, I have this very colourful and cosy look to show. My cheerful jumper is from Australian label Tilly Me, and it's a perfect antidote against bad weather. The colours remind me very much of the summer and pink pineapples.

May it snow, I stay colourful!

My Outfit: 
Jumper: Tilly Me, Skirt: Vintage, Bag: A gift from Japan,
Bangle and Rings: Serena Kuhl, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware,
Earrings: Clara Chérie, Tights: Calzedonia, Shoes: Ego and Greed

Thanks to Tilly Me for the jumper, to Clara Chérie for the earrings and to Serena Kuhl for the bangle and rings.


  1. I love this top, it's marvellous, the colour combination is perfect!! Always wonderful my dear, I love it!!! Xx

  2. HAIR ENVY!!! Fabulous as always Sara xx

  3. Oh my gosh that sushi bag... so cute! Also loving the jewelry! :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  4. Gorgeous xx glad you got to enjoy your break xxxxxx

  5. You have so many perfect little pieces like jewellery and bags, very quirky and very cute <3

    The Quirky Queer

  6. Awesome outfit! I really love your jumper. It's always good to have a break and come back refreshed and excited :D


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  8. What a fun bag! Love the lipstick too.