Friday, 30 January 2015

Curiosity Never Killed the Pink Cat

It's so Fluffy: Quirky bags are my kind of fun.
Like a Superstar: Disguising myself with big glasses and hiding behind my bag.
Quilt & Lace: Who says that delicate and casual don't fit?
Character Cat: I must admit Kitty looks a little bit grumpy, but cute as a button.
Unicorn Hair & Barbie Jewellery: Big girls still like what little girls love best.
Wave the Tail: Because this is what happy cats do.
True Love: A perfect pink couple.
Saying Goodbye: Cat and me are on our way to more adventures.

"Excuse me, may I stroke your cat?" I was asked when I went out dressed like this. "Of course," I said, even if my pink kitty is a little bit shy sometimes. Some dating experts say that going for a walk with a dog is a very good way to get in touch with possible partners. I say a fluffy fake fur cat is all you need to stir attention. Ok, probably it attracts more quirky women than suitable lovers, but I'm not in need for a romance anyway.

January is almost over, and I feel restless. I wish I could travel somewhere right now. London, Paris, Japan, China... I am so ready. Where is my ticket? Where are the cool events, the exciting places and the crazy people? I wonder if they do all hibernate and imagine a big fluffy cave with fantastical sleeping creatures somewhere. Please send me directions, and I'll join.

To cheer myself up I just booked my next trip to London and tickets to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A. I am playing with the thought to fly to China in summer.

Plans keep the heart warm while the body feels the chill…
How do you survive winter and what do you think about this look?

My Outfit: 
Jumper: Defshop, Skirt: United Colors of Benetton,
Bag: New Look (still available in black), Tights: Calzedonia, Shoes: Ego & Greed,
Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Other Rings: A Gift, Necklace: Anne-Sohphie Cochevelou,
Earrings: Suzywan Deluxe, Sunglasses: Alexander Wang


  1. Such a fun outfit! That bag is hilarious/amazing.
    xx Sarah
    Russian Dressing

  2. Love it. I have the bag and the black version, err and both purses and love them all (seriously the purses are even softer than the bags). They are really rather ugly and like you say grumpy/moody looking and I think I love them even more for it. Love your animated gifs too ; )

  3. superb cuteeeee bag! love your outfit as always :)

  4. I love the whole outfit, and that bag is amazing!

  5. I saw that bag and thought it looked a bit horrific! (haha) But seeing it now, it's amazing!!!

  6. Such a cute outfit...still love those shoes and the cat is precious. You look amazing my dear xxx

  7. Those accessories are super amazing! Love them all!

  8. You look so darling !
    This reminds me Lazy Kat fluffy cat bag (and by the way looking like one of her cats just died from a car accident! haha sarcastic joke sorry)
    but yes all pinky you are very sweet I love your fringe !

  9. You've probably heard it milions of times but your style is absolutely amazing. I am happy to find your blog!

  10. OH MY GOD! this is so perfect, you´re such a fluffy pink cutie. I LOVE the shades and the amazing handbag

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

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