Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lovely Label: Tilly Me

Tilly Me, Fashion, Kawaii prints
Tilly Me, Made in Australia, fashion
Tilly Me, Barbie print, Cute fashion
Tilly Me, cute fashion, kawaii look
Tilly Me, dinosaur cap, kawaii fashion
Tilly Me, cute prints, barbie

I've never been to Australia, but I love the fashion from this country! When I found Melbourne based label Tilly Me, I was convinced again that the Aussies just know how to make fashion colourful, bright and exciting!

Tilly Me is the label by Tilly Michelle, a Melbourne based style icon fond of Harajuku fashion and the 80s and 90s. She creates bold street wear for women and men, featuring kawaii illustrations and cool geometric prints. The distinctive prints are illustrated by Tilly herself and all items are made in Melbourne. As I already have a jumper from Tilly Me, I can truly say that the quality of the hand screen printed fabric is amazing and worth every penny.

Because it's summer in beautiful Australia now, they just released a few breathtaking pieces for the warmer days. No matter how much snow there is over here, I can't stop thinking about the quirky beauty queen, dinosaur and cat prints. I bet they would look rad with thick tights and winter boots as well. Winter you can't stop us girls go crazy for Tilly Me!

Visit Tilly Me here and don't forget to follow them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Tilly Me. Photographer: Jayshell Photos.


  1. NEED them all!! I especially love the first, third and last photo outfits...perfection!! Looooove xx

  2. I agree, Australian fashion seems SO fun/girly/perfect! I've never been there either but seeing stuff like this reminds me how badly I must visit! So inspiring.
    xx Sarah

  3. Cute doodles on the pics it makes it looks so cuteeee<333

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  4. What an adorable label! And agreed - so many cute brands seem to be based in Australia!

    <3 Kelsea |

  5. I adore the first outfit so much! Playful pieces! :)
    Prints and Patterns

  6. oh my, that lilac matching set in the first photo has stolen my heart <3

    fishnetandfairytypes / beauty & style blog

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  8. Adorable, love those little kitties, such fun prints.