Monday, 26 January 2015

Lovely Shopping: Valentine's Day

valentine's day, wish list, shopping
Heart & Bow Fascinator: Pearls & Swine  –  Matches Necklace: I Love Crafty  –  Platform Shoes: YRU
Heart Ring: Ariel Gorden  –  Heart Clutch: Asos  –  Sunglasses: Yesstyle
Heart Choker: Suzywan Deluxe  –  Perfume: A Beautiful Life  –  Lips Dress: Alice McCall
Hearts Skirt & Crop Top: Ichiban

Oh my, it's almost Valentine's Day! Time for hearts, kiss lips and even more hearts! Here I show you my favourite finds inspired by the day of love. Especially the Alice McCall dress and the YRU platform sandals took my heart by storm. Accomplished by some of the accessories from this post, they would make the outfit of my dreams for this day.

Quite a few people around me tell me they don't care at all about the day of love. I don't agree because it's too good an opportunity for at least a romantic candle light dinner. Love and being loved for just who you are is a very precious thing, so never too many opportunities to celebrate.

Speaking for myself, I don't take it for granted there is somebody who can stand me and all my crazy clutter. Somebody who doesn't mind me being a hopeless fashion victim and encourages me to not be the nice girl from next door, just because that's not who I am.

Do you already have plans for Valentine's Day and what are your perfect pieces for the day of love?

Fascinator picture by Pearls & Swine. Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale, Model & Mua: Victoria Stansfield.


  1. This is my kind of wishlist!! I love - love and Valentines day!! I would be happy with any of this list...must get the perfume with the sweet unicorn on it!! And those shoes are amazing, if only I could walk in them, so perfect xxx

  2. Die "ballerina" Plattform Schuhe von YRU sind schon lange lange auf meiner Wunschliste : D Hach die sehen einfach so wundervoll aus. Das Herzchen Outfit von Asos finde ich wunderbar, das muss ich auch noch auf die Wunschliste setzen : D Du findest immer so tolle Dinge im Netz : )

    Mein Valentinstag wird blöd, ich glaube ich nehme mir vor nicht zu weinen und alles scheiße zu finden. Vielleicht betrinke ich mich auch oder so. Mal sehen : D

    Alison von TeaCatsandGlitter

  3. I hate Valentines day and always have, but probably because I've been single for every single one! I just don't like the idea of 'forced' romance either. That said, pink and hearts, I love, so I like the items you picked and I often wear heart printed items myself.

  4. Ooh I love those glasses! How cute.

    I like Valentines Day.. it's just an excuse to go out and do something. Or make a gift. At least some food should be involved! haha

  5. great post :)

  6. Agreed! I love Valentine's Day! I think sometimes people just get too caught up in their heads, worrying that you have to do certain things like go to an expensive restaurant, etc. When really celebrating V-day (to me) is about doing whatever the heck we like, celebrating our own way, and just getting another reminder of how fortunate we are to have each other. And people forget that love isn't just romantic love. I'm thinking of sending out v-day mail this year to my friends and family, because they're part of who I love too. :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark