Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lovely Smell: Lalique Amethyst Éclat

Amethyst Éclat from Lalique: This fragrance starts the berry season right now!
It comes in an elegant bottle with silver vines and a touch of Art Nouveau.
Just a drop of this and you might forget about winter.
This seductive perfume, ready to enchant and linger on your skin.

I was very lucky to win a bottle of the just released Lalique Amethyst Éclat fragrance on the SchuSchu blog. I can't share the perfume with you, but I thought you might like to read a review.

Lalique is an 1886 founded French label, closely connected to luxury. Their founder René Lalique was an ingenious Art Nouveau artist, who made the most amazing jewellery and crystal glass objects. Long after his death, the magic of Lalique continues with their creations of jewellery, perfumes and glass art.

Their newest fragrance Amethyst Éclat is a successor to Amethyst from 2007. It's inspired by a gemstone and a very cheerful, sweet and juicy fragrance. It opens with black current, combined with raspberry and nashi pears. The heart of Amethyst Éclat is a combination of rose, peony and magnolia, accompanied by Oxalis violate, blackberry and musk for a base.

This very feminine perfume comes in a purple bottle, decorated with silvery peony and berries – a touch of Art Nouveau but newly interpreted. Lalique has launched a limited edition in a crystal bottle based on designs by René Lalique for those who seek the pure luxury (about 1000 £).

My impression of Amethyst Éclat is that it smells like an opulent garden in spring, full of ripe berries. It's light but rather intense and lingers for a long time on my skin. I was surprised at first try that Lalique releases a fragrance like this in winter, but then it's lovely to have something awaking the dreams about spring when it is cold outside…

Thanks to SchuSchu for letting me win this perfume.


  1. Ohhhhh...this sounds wonderful! And this bottle I would keep forever, it's perfect!! I am in need of a new perfume, I will have to look out for this one!! Super review my lovely xxx

  2. What a gorgeous bottle! I've actually bought a perfume just for the bottle before... hehe. Sounds like this one smells lovely, too. :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

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