Friday, 16 January 2015

Three Years In Love With

streeetstyle, fashion, looks
streetstyle, fashion, looks

Wow, today it is exactly three years since I had the crazy idea somebody out there might be interested to see what I wear and started my blog. This day is almost more significant than my birthday.

I have very mixed feelings about my third year of blogging: I was deeply touched by your messages, but sometimes frustrated about my posts ending up in a deep, meaningless void. A few times I couldn't grasp why certain brands I dream of working with prefer other bloggers. "Is my best not enough," I started to ask myself. Other times I couldn't believe my luck when the most amazing designers and labels from all over the world contacted me.

It is lovely to have goals, but things often turn out a different way than imagined. Sometimes better, sometimes less glamourous. I am still the quirky outsider in the Swiss blogger scene, but proud of my very international readership. During my three years of blogging, I never had a break from blogging – not even for a week – and I still don't need one. I just love my blog. Nearly every free minute I have, I spend working on posts. I am stubborn to continue, gather an army of quirky girls around me, ready to colour the world!

Time to walk with one's head raised into year four of blogging: Finally, this blog deserves a top-level domain and this will happen during the next days. As well I have a secret list of designers and labels I wish to collaborate with (feel free to step forward if you have the feeling your name is written there…). Year four, please be a good one and I will be good to you.

Pictures: Overview of all the outfits during the third year of "Sara is in Love with…".
All looks of year one here and of year two here.


  1. Happy Anniversary, gorgeous!!! ♡ ♡ ♡

  2. Three years!
    Wow that's amazing!
    Congratulations! :D

  3. So marvellous my dear!! I very much love your blog and I'm ever so happy you are here and never give up!! Blogging isn't easy, especially when we are over-saturated with the same looks and styles of blogs that seem to get all the attention. But, I know the best is yet to come and you will find great adventure still. Am so excited for all that is to come for you and your blog - you deserve it most of all!!! Wish you all love and happy colours too my fellow colourful gal Xxxx

  4. Happy anniversary! I love your blog, and your style is always so flawless! I'm nearly at the three year mark myself and I have no idea what I did before I started blogging! xx

  5. I absolutely love your blog and your style. I've been blogging for a long time and often ask the same questions regarding brands and working with them-I guess despite our love for them, they have their reasons for not collaborating. It's a pity that sometimes other factors hinder them (usually numbers, readership etc) when they should just see the love and passion we have for them. I hope year 4 is a brilliantly colourful year for you x

  6. I love your blog, please dont ever stop!

    Sue, a fan from London, Uk

  7. Wow, glückwunsch! Weiter so :)
    Coole Outfits, man sieht auch, dass du dir selbst immer treu geblieben bist.

    Karin von 'Karrieness

  8. So much rainbow prettiness! I love how this also documents your different gorgeous hair colors over the past few years. I'm especially in love with (and I'm just giving them my own names now, so bear with me) your pastel rainbow shawl & pastel flower fascinator looks! :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark