Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lovely Shopping: Bold Sunglasses

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Let's shop sunglasses! They can completely change the look of a face in an instant. Sunglasses are just my favourite accessory and I never leave the house without a pair of them. At the moment, it might be more the snow than the sun dazzling, but this might change soon.

I recommend going for bold statement glasses. They are just so much fun. I don't see why somebody should choose a modest model. Go for colourful, big, completely round or extreme cat eye, but don't go for boring!

Most of the glasses in this post are designer pieces, but I think they are worth an investment. Most girls invest in bags, I say glasses are just as important. After all, they will sit right on your face.

I am especially in love with the blue and yellow Miu Miu glasses (2) and the Linda Farrow x Agent Provocateur cat eye glasses (4). I plead for the boldest as usual…

Which sunglasses from this post are your favourites?


  1. aw the cat eye glasses don't send to the right link in both places!

    1. Oh noooo, they must have sold out already :-( I found them here in another colour:

  2. Love numbers 2,4,6!!!! Perfect!!

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