Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Happy Meal For Choupette

moschino, mcdonalds, choupette
McDonalds Love: This is where good style meets bad taste.
Choupette, Moschino, Mcdonalds
Fast fashion for me and a milkshake for Choupette, please!
Moschino, bag, mcdonalds
This outfit was just missing a Big Mac, so I ordered one.
yru, bae, pink platform shoes
Best advice to continue to look slim while eating fast food: Wear the highest shoes you find.
moschino, streetstyle, karl lagerfeld
Yummy, Yummy: What a bright look!
Moschino, bag, mcdonalds
Over 20 Billion Served: So it was time I got one too…
Choupette, pink hair, moschino
Pink Hair Don't Care: And it even goes with red and yellow, you see?
yru bae, moschino, karl Lagergeld
Dinner is Served: The cats are starving.
coupette signature, lagerfeld, lagerfelds cat
I Am Such a Groupie: Wearing Choupette's signature on my back.
coupette tee, Karl Lagerfeld, famous cat
Monster Cat: Karl thinks she can be nasty, I think she is just cute as a button.

Moschino and Karl Lagerfeld in one look, impressive isn't it? Sometimes even the lovers of independent designers – such as me – fall for the major labels… Carl wants to marry his cute cat Choupette, so how do you think I could resist having her on a tee at least? The tee was a gift from my darling, he said that it just belongs to me. I wanted to show it to you since I got it, but it was so cold during the last weeks. Finally I was brave enough to step outside with it.

The Moschino bag was a gift from me to myself, I just couldn't go on without this fashion milestone from Jeremy Scott in my life. I am a humble girl and I still feel bad if I spent a lot of money on fancy things and I certainly don't need expensive things for my ego. I feel so astonished that this bag is mine and expect it to vanish again every moment like an air built castle. But whenever I open my eyes again, it's still there. Thank you life, I love you, you are so good to me!

I never go to McDonalds to be honest. Isn't it sweet irony that a fast food inspired bag won over my heart in a storm? McDonalds is an icon of pop culture for me. The red and yellow signs from the fast food chain (which have been replaced by green ones) remind me of the nineties, when fast food was so cool over here and we've been excited to spend our birthdays in the place with the big yellow "M". 

It felt like the huge world has finally come over to our sleepy town, when the first Mc opened. I've always been a little bit afraid of Ronald McDonald and I bet you agree: Choupette is far, far cuter than him and wins every game. Maybe she would try a burger, if I don't…

What do you think about this look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
T-shirt: Karl Lagerfeld, Cardigan: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage, Bag: Moschino,
Shoes: Y.R.U, Glasses: Craig & Karl for Le Specs, Bow Ring: Tatty Devine,
Rose Quartz Ring: Tenebris, Tights: H&M


  1. I lllove this look!
    I hadn't realised how wonderful colour combo powder pink and hot red make before this :D

    I think the same way about fast food. I'm only into it if I can wear it (;

  2. This is an awesome look xo

  3. Love this top and shoes, marvellous xx

  4. You are just too wonderful! Every time I come to your blog it makes my day! I am so happy that you got this bag as it is fantastic and totally suits you and your fabulous style! That cat tee is just too cute and those heels are to die for!


  5. Love this look! That bag is INCREDIBLE! I wish me would buy myself gifts like that!