Thursday, 5 March 2015

Cléo Ferin Mercury SS 2015

As a little girl, I loved the scarf drawer of my grandmother. I often touched the smooth fabrics of her scarves and was fascinated by their patterns. My grandmother used to wear them around her neck and to protect her hair. For a very long time, I thought that silk scarves are attached to ladies of her age and only had nostalgic feelings regarding them. 

I rediscovered them a few years ago, when amazing designers like Cléo Ferin Mercury appeared with updated stylish designs fit for a contemporary audience. I am seriously thinking about starting my own silk scarf drawer. Granny would be so proud of me.

Cléo Ferin Mercury is an independent designer, based in London. Her hand-rolled silk scarves are made with a lot of attention to detail and come in bold designs. If you are not a scarf type, maybe you will reconsider after seeing those amazing designs. Otherwise, you will find cute detachable collars to make your heart beat faster.

The theme of the SS 2015 is "Nautical" and takes us to a mystical place deep beneath the sea. Pretty mermaids emerge from their seashell beds and meet colourful fishes while majestic ships battle against the waves with their sails hoisted. There are treasure chests to be discovered as well as beautiful shells. All you need to do is just to dive in!

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Copyright of all pictures by Cléo Ferin Mercury.


  1. Love scarves too, I love the fabrics they come in. What a perfect way to add colour and pattern to outfits than with a scarf. The kitty one is so sweet...perfect collection. Happy weekend lovely xx

  2. Der Katzenschal!!! ♥__♥

    Sooo schön! :-)

    Liebe Grüsse,

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