Tuesday, 24 March 2015

London Wish List

Yay, my next London shopping trip is coming closer. This means meeting all my beloved friends, eating at my favourite restaurants and of course MASSIVE shopping. I am well prepared and already have a few things on my wish list:

Suki Waterhouse x Superga Pink Heart Platform Shoes: The perfect shoes for a city trip…
Tatty Devine Carousel Horse Necklace: No London trip without Tatty and this is so dreamy!
Topshop 3D Curve Mascara: I think Topshop has extraordinary Mascara, so time to rebuy!
Irregular Choice Flamingo Bag: My heart will just break if I don't return with this…
Bleach London Rosé Shampoo: My secret to keep my pink hair colour for longer.
Tatty Devine Umbrella Earrings: Some say it's always raining in London.
Topshop x Glow Trance Light Up Trainers: I always dreamed of flashing lights on my feet.
Lazy Oaf Fluffy Pink Bomber Jacket: Looks like made of candy floss and like a must-have!

What couldn't you leave on the shelf from my wish list and what are your favourite shops or places in London?


  1. All of these are so cute..love the shoes and umbrella earrings!! Would love to have this jacket as well, soooo fluffy, hihi!! It will be a wonderful trip for you xx

  2. Love the colour pallette of your wish list ;)
    Light up trainers ;__; <3 would love to own a pair some beautiful day

  3. I've been lusting after that flamingo bag too (and the Long Legs one), but just bought the Magic Bunny and King Of The Castle unicorn from IC, so better not spend any more £'s!

  4. Great list, i need this bomber jacket so much ! <3