Monday, 13 April 2015

Lovely Trend: The Return of the Dinosaurs

dinosaurs, fashion, trend 2015
Dinosaur Necklace: Anne-Sophie Cochevelou –  Sunglasses: Spangled  – T-Rex Necklace: Tatty Devine
Green Dino Dress: Lashes of London  – Rainbow Dino Crop Shirt and Skirt: Topshop
Fancy Dino Scarf: Moschino  – Green Reptile Heels: Moschino

Who said that the dinosaurs are extinct? They obviously must have lied: I don't know if the dinos have been frozen in thick ice. Maybe they slept in hidden caves behind waterfalls, but now they return to fashion with a lot of reptile power. Maybe the mention of a new Jurassic Park movie this summer has already inspired the fashion designers.

Everybody loves dinos. Did you learn dozens and dozens of dino names and felt like a true explorer talking about them the whole time as a child? I did, and therefore it's a sweet nostalgic feeling seeing this cool fashion featuring them. Let's wear them, and the wait for Jurassic Park is going to be over soon.

No matter if T-Rex, Pteranodon or Stegosaurus: Dinos just rule!


  1. Love dinosaurs..and I spot a few items I've already have on my wish list, haha!! Perfect ;-)

  2. So awesome! I have these vintage Lunch at the Ritz dino earrings that are so fun:
    I didn't even realize how many other dino stuff was out now!

  3. Definitely my favorite post of the morning. Those dinosaur finds are so awesome.. especially the matching two piece!

  4. dinosaurrrrs - definitely our theme ;) our blog name is inspired by a famous dinooo :)
    lovely sunglasses ♥♥♥

  5. DINOSAURS!!!<333 I found a dinosaurs earring in taobao WHAAAAA IT'S SO CUTE<333

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  6. Oh gott de Schmuck ist atemberaubend schön
    ich liebe die Sonnenbrille so sehr
    einfach nur toll <3

  7. I love this dinosaur trend! H&M have a cute pastel dino sweat

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  8. My sister is a huge dino fan. I've been coveting that Moschino collection, so many cool things and so kitsch and humorous too. I love my Irregular Choice dinosaur heels I got this year, one of my all-time favourite pairs.