Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lovely Trend: We Are the Fashion Robots

Robot Parts Necklace: Sugar & Vice
White Box Bag: Asos  –  Blue Clutch: Asos  –  Socks: Asos  –  Cross Body Bag: Asos
Shoes: Modcloth  –  Shorts and Jumper: Asos

A few days ago I told you about dinosaurs invading fashion, I think they came not alone: The robots are here as well. What an encounter! Take a little bit of retro, mix it up with science fiction, don't forget about a big dose of cuteness, and you get the most handsome mechanical tin men. They look at you with their round shiny eyes, and you don't want to leave the house without them anymore.

The science fiction lovers among you will fall head over heels for these robots. While you still have to wait for the new Star Wars movie, those fellows could all be yours right now and make your looks robot-astic.

What do you think: Do robots dream of electric sheep and which one is the cutest little fellow?


  1. I need them all. How cute are these clutches!?! Love those, perfect!!! Xx

  2. I'm not mad on robots, but I do like some of these items.