Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Fashion Favourites

Vintageena, fashion favourites, style blogger
Coolness overdose and pink fluff by Gina from Vintageena

lazy kat, fashion favourites, style blogger
Out of this world pastel rainbow hair by Katia from Lazy Kat
the street style carousel, london street style, fashion favourites
Vibrant vintage maxi dress look by Caitlin, shot by The Street Style Carousel
Style blogger, Winnipeg Style, minnie mouse look
The sweetest Minnie Mouse look in fashion by Rebecca from Winnipeg Style
a dainty dolls house, style blogger, fashion favourites
Much love for this metallic #haters headband by beautiful Kizzy from The Dainty Dolls House
fashion favourites, twee valley high, street style
Totally darling look with the cutest ice-cream bag by Kristina from Twee Valley High
fashion favourites, street style, the bizarre birdcage
Neon and fake fur perfection by Amely Rose from Amely Rose

I have a new mission: I thought a lot about the purpose of style blogs recently and I think it would be a great benefit for style bloggers and readers if we bloggers stop being only self-focused. No matter on what style bloggers page you go, it's all about self-advertising. Isn't it time to leave the little lonely island and unite with like-minded fashion lovers?

This was when I came up with the idea to make every month a post featuring all the amazing girls out there I follow. Their looks are so wonderful; I want you to see them and get inspired by them too. Please visit their pages and hopefully you find new favourites for your reading list.

I want to say a big thank you to all the girls featured in this post for exciting me again and again with their outstanding sense of style.

Have a happy day and don't forget to tell me which looks you like best.


  1. These are wonderful all of their styles! I love to do this from time to time as well...there is so much great style out there from girls like this and we should be sharing them, I wish more did!! Because I find over time, we become influenced by them to try new things and expand our creativity, so its wonderful to share and show support too!! I love them all, though I didn't know the last two, so I must check them out, I love their styles too. The last one is outstanding!! Happy Easter weekend to you my lovely!! Xxx

  2. Woah thank you Sara for sooo many amazing blogs to follows <3 especially Amely seems amazing ^^ And maybe woould you like to share your style story? Its so unique!

  3. so mny great bloggers and outfits!

  4. I totally agree that style blogging is too self-advertising!! I honestly haven't been posting that much lately, because i felt like for a while i was being too vain when other babes where being just as bad ass!! *0*

  5. danke so sehr für das feauter <3
    ich fühle mich so geehrt zwischen all den tollen Outfits und hübschen Damen <3

  6. Love to see new faces around here... And also Kizzy and Kat ; awesome gals ;)


  7. So much amazing! I think i've found a few new bloggers to follow!!

  8. this is so good, i've found so many new bloggers to follow!

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

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