Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Bunny Girl with the Glitter Ears

tilly me, barbie look, bunny ears
Easter is not over yet: Bunny Girl just started.
bernstock speirs, bunny cap, made in london
Glitter, glitter bunny ear: What is better than cute ears? -Cute, sparkling ears!
somewhere nowhere, lightening bangle, pink spikes
Arm candy disco: This lightening bangle turns every day into disco.
bernstock speirs, streetstyle, bunny cap
Nobody looks into my eyes… Why should they when I have glitter ears!
bunny cap, barbie look, easter outfit
Beauty Queen with a lunch bag: A look from my wildest girly dreams.
tilly me, bernstock speirs, yesimfrench lunchbag
Dial-A-Cutie: Feeling very Barbie in this look. I like!
Serena Kuhl, rock rings, pink metallic bag
The big bling: Can't wear my favourite Serena Kuhl rings often enough.
melissa shoes, pink rubber shoes, barbie shoes
Pink plastic: Sorry Barbie, I've stolen your shoes, but I just couldn't resist.
tilly me, streetstyle, barbie look
Bunny is leaving: Just continue your search for more chocolate.

Hello lovelies, did you find all hidden Easter eggs and have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner altogether? To continue a little bit longer with the bunny hype, I styled a look featuring my Bernstock Speirs bunny cap. I'll wear this bunny cap the whole year, but Easter is the most epic beginning of the age of bunny! Yay!

I am excited to embrace spring finally. Hello blossoming magnolias, days without scarves, taking out balcony furniture and planting herbs on the kitchen sill. I know, I should have got rid of my black opaque tights for a true spring look. Next time, I promise! Too much focus on the legs would have distracted from the highlight on the head anyway: My shiny Bernstock and Speirs bunny cap.

Since I passed their shop at Brick Lane for the first time I dreamed of having one of their hats, especially an iconic bunny cap. I love the mix of casual and quirky. The bunny cap can be paired up with a lot of different of styles, from rather sporty to elegant.

Today's look is all girly and kawaii. Isn't the print of my skater skirt darling? This piece by Melbourne-based label Tilly Me just blew my mind. The design reminds me of something that could have been part of a future Moschino collection. Well, bad luck Mr. Scott: Tilly Me was first!

Please excuse me: I'm on bunny business… How do you like this look?

My Outfit: 
Skirt and jumper: Tilly Me, Hat: Bernstock Speirs, Shoes: Melissa,
Bracelet: Somewhere Nowhere, Rings: Serena Kuhl, Bag: Yesimfrench, Tights: H&M


  1. Haha, brilliant look. That bangle is EPIC!

  2. oh mein Gott der look ist mal wieder mehr als toll
    einfach abgefahren ich liebe den rock am aller liebsten
    naja ok die ringe finde ich auch echt knuffig
    hoffe du hast viel spaƟ in ondon <3